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Yoga And Beer !! Come On, You Got To Be Kidding?

- 18th January 2017

Yes: Beer yoga is here. Subsequent to being delighted in by Berlin trendy people, it’s presently discovered its approach to Australian shores a land where lager’s without a doubt a religious practice, in any event as much as yoga. Also, not in an ideal way.

Germany’s BierYoga A.K.A BeerYoga charges itself as the “marriage of two incredible loves—beer and yoga. Both are hundreds of years old treatments for psyche, body, and soul,” as per its site.

What’s more, in the event that you believe they’re recently being adorable, reconsider.”BeerYoga is fun however it’s no joke,” originator and yogi Jhula composes.”We take the methods of insight of yoga and combine it with the delight of beer drinking to achieve your most elevated amount of awareness.”

In any case, even Jhula wasn’t the principal individual to advance edification through yoga affected by liquor.The educator told Ex-Berliner they first observed it done at (American culture celebration/abandon end of the world party shitshow) Burning Man.

Be that as it may, wherever it originated from, it’s unquestionably now a thing, and a thing being promoted unironically Down Under.

Two extraordinary sessions of lager meet asana will occur in Sydney this end of the week, where understudies can learn yoga postures including “brew greetings” and adjusting beer bottles on one’s head quite recently keep an eye out for container crushes.

The occasion page guarantees would-be participants that no yoga experience is vital. Only a “receptive outlook and an adoration for beer.”

Furthermore, in the event that you believe that this does nothing to control hitting the bottle hard as well as corrupts an authentic and unfortunately oft-distorted profound practice, then you can just Namaste away.

So Aren’t you excited to try out the combination yet, If yes do let us know in our comment section and if you already have a picture of it trying beer yoga, then feel free to share it with us?

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Yoga And Beer !! Come On, You Got To Be Kidding?
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Yoga And Beer !! Come On, You Got To Be Kidding?