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What Workouts Match Your Zodiac Sign? Find Out Here

- 6th September 2017
What Workouts Match Your Zodiac Sign? Find Out Here

Research (read memes) has shown that gyms are fuller on 1 st January than on any other day of the year. You are either too lazy to keep up your new year’s resolution or have discontinued because you’ve been doing it wrong all this time. Like so many other things in life, astrology helps in determining the ideal workout routines you should practice based on the traits of your zodiac sign:

1. Aries


Ruled by the planet Mars, people born under this sign are naturally aggressive by nature. You need to take up workout routines that will help you channel this aggression. Your biggest competition is with yourself and you push yourself hard to be better than who you were yesterday. The best fitness regimes for this zodiac sign are:

  • Martial arts or any form of boxing – Mars is the Roman God of War and you will be a natural
    in the ring
  • Dancing – the energy you use will feed your soul
  • Burpees

2. Taurus


A Taurus would rather hit a spa or a sauna than pushing themselves while working out. If you are born under this zodiac, you tend to take it easy and it should also reflect in your workout routine. The best fitness workouts for you are:

  • Yoga – because it is chill just as you are
  • At-home workouts – so that you can modify your routine without anybody telling you what to do (not that they would dare to)
  • Boxing – because let’s face it, behind all the chill, there’s a fighter

3. Gemini


True to its nature, this twin sign requires a workout routine that will help them nurture both their body as well as their mind. You need to know why an exercise is done the way it is. If you are born under this sign, you are ruled by the fast paced Mercury. Hence, you need to do these for best results:

  • HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)
  • Combination classes like YAS – Yoga & Cycling together? Hell, yeah!
  • Circuit training

4. Cancer


You exude ardour and draw energy from being a part of large social circles. Since you like to draw  attention off of big crowds, your best workout options are:

  • Run Clubs / Group Cycling – you will be drawn into keep coming back for more owing to the social aspect
  • Group Fitness – Any fitness regime were interacting with another person is involved works for you
  • Dancing – as part of a group

5. Leo


Leos thrive on attention and are the ones who wear makeup to the gym! They love being complimented and want to be the best in the room. If you are born under this sign, you need to follow these workout regimes:

  • High-intensity dance cardio – this was practically invented to accommodate your enthusiasm
  • Team sports – so that you can show them how it’s done
  • Weight lifting – because you need to be the king (or queen) of workouts and be stunning at it

6. Virgo


Virgos are known to be over-achievers. They love to be the best at everything. If you are born under this sign you should incorporate a mix of both fast and relaxed movements. The best workout routines for you are:

  • Yoga – it brings you calm and helps you unwind and take some time for yourself
  • Bootcamp – it has a structured and well-organized pattern, much like yours and you will see
    measurable results
  • Barre (ballet) – it focusses on meticulous movements and attention to detail

7. Libra


Just like its symbol, people born under the zodiac Libra yearn for balance in their life. If you are a Libran, working out using these routines will help bring balance to your physical as well as mental health:

  • Martial arts – find yourself a partner to perform this routine with, to find balance within yourself
  • Pilates – you will love every second of the controlled, balanced movements that are required to follow this routine
  • Yoga – this will help in addressing imbalance in your body

8. Scorpio


Scorpio, you are badass. You’re sexy and you know it and you push yourself hard to maintain your sexiness. Because you are so full of raw energy, the best workout routines for you are the ones that involve a lot of strong movements. You can try these:

  • Kettlebell class – this will test your strength and keep you up for new challenges
  • Zumba – it has a lot of movement and excitement (much like your life)
  • Cardio – use your hard working skills and push yourself harder on that treadmill

9. Sagittarius


Ruled by Mercury and being a fire element, Sagittarians are wild by nature. The best routines for them are ones where are allowed to express themselves and can be set free, much like these:

  • Rock climbing – this exciting workout will not restrict you to stay indoors and will challenge your body
  • Dance cardio – if dance cardio was meant to be performed by a Leo, it was meant to be mastered by a Sagittarian

10. Pisces


This water sign is the most docile of all zodiac signs. If you are born under this zodiac, you will do best in your natural habitat – water. Try these:

  • Swimming – this will bring you peace while still getting an amazing workout
  • Hot yoga – you need to sweat it out and let your instincts take over

11. Aquarius


This zodiac is the most creative of all the signs. If you are an Aquarian, your experimental side will not allow you to stick to any one particular workout routine. As with your life, you like to mix things up to keep things exciting. You can, therefore, try these routines

  • Surfset – you don’t necessarily have to be Oceanside. There are many studios that now teach fun, balanced, ocean-side workouts
  • Zumba – the dance movements will keep your body in constant motion
  • Drumming – you can combine your workout and your love for music in this class as it is all about drumming (yes, actually drumming) to the beats

12. Capricorn


You are dependable, hard-working and disciplined. You feel the need of constantly challenging yourself. You can use the following routines:

  • Crossfit – this intense exercise will work on every bit of your body
  • Weight training – because what better way can you challenge your strength?
  • It takes years of hard work and perseverance to accomplish a healthy lifestyle. Incorporate the workout routines that motivate to push you out of your comfort zone and really challenge yourself.
  • Can’t wait to try these routines? Well, start today (unless you are a Taurus and don’t want to be told when to start) and let us know the results in the comments section!

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What Workouts Match Your Zodiac Sign? Find Out Here
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What Workouts Match Your Zodiac Sign? Find Out Here