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Training Hard But No Results? Choose The Right Workout For Your Body Type

- 9th June 2017
Body Type Workout

The first few steps of any task are rather crucial. In most cases, they directly affect the outcome of your effort. Same goes with your exercise regimen – if you don’t start right, you may not see the desired results. Most of us don’t like hitting the gym, so we start at home and mostly get it wrong. Some of us go to the gym and still get it wrong. We’re not seeing what we ought to see, and it gets frustrating. So how can we start working out right?

To begin with, know your body type. It’s not enough to know which workout works best for the results you seek. It crucial to know which one suits you, or rather which supports your body type. Again you might say, “Body Type? What’s that? I don’t know where to begin.” Well, worry not. Here’s the head start you’re looking for.


What Are The Different Body Types?

Body Types

The human body predominantly falls under three categories, based on physical attributes, genetics, and level of metabolism. These are known as the Ectomorph, Endomorph, and the Mesomorph. While these categories are not rigid, most of us will find them relatable. Each of these body types needs to address weight loss/gain, cardio, core strengthening, or other specific regimens based on attributes. Doing so will fetch timely and effective results, while you manage to remain healthy. So take a look below to see what body type you are, what you’ve been doing wrong, and what you can do better.

Ectomorphs – Lean/Fast Metabolism


Body type – Individuals with this body type are lean and a bit fragile. Regardless, they enjoy high speed metabolism and burn carbohydrates and fat in a matter of minutes. But more often than not, ectomorphs find it rather difficult to bulk up/gain weight and muscle.

What not to do – Don’t obsess over immediate results. Don’t overdo cardio, and most importantly never under eat. Your workout cannot consist only of isolation moves/shortcuts that help build biceps.

What to do – Combine strength training with a bit of low-intensity cardio. Core workouts like squats and deadlifts must be a part of the main regimen, and isolation movements (which involve a single muscle) should add to it. Calorie intake per day must be at least 3000, and the diet must include plenty of starchy carbs. Only when you gain weight, do you begin to chisel.


Endomorphs – Stout/Slow Metabolism


Body type – Individuals with this body type are a bit on the heftier side, and tend to store high levels of fat. Endomorphs are the exact opposite of the former, and have a slow metabolism, and struggle with weight loss. The muscle and fat are concentrated in the lower half of their body, so they tend to be pear-shaped.

What not to do – Ditch long hours on the treadmill. Long, gradual cardiovascular routines may not always work. This is a given – avoid high intake of carbs and calories, because you don’t want them to accumulate. Don’t eat at odd hours, because your metabolism and circadian clock need to converge.

What to do – Instead of long hours, try interval-based training to shed the fat. Try low-to-medium intensity cardio, coupled with some hypertrophy work if you want to gain some muscle. There needs to be a large portion of protein in your diet, and even some amount of good fat (unsaturated & saturated). Fish oil and fiber supplements are also more than welcome.

Mesomorph – Muscular/Ideal Metabolism


Body Type – They are the envy of the bunch. They are naturally well-built and have a high metabolism and super responsive muscle cells. They don’t struggle to gain muscles, and their bodies do not easily store fat.

What not to do – Don’t take your natural qualities for granted. It can lead to weak diets and aimless workouts. If you are endowed with mesomorphic genes, it doesn’t mean you can eat everything, or avoid exercise.

What to do – Get the most out of your body type while you can. Train like an athlete, increase an intensity of workouts because you can afford to. You can do low reps with higher weights and indulge in power movements. There needs to reasonable calorie intake, but sticking to whole grains and keeping fat intake low is recommended.

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Training Hard But No Results? Choose The Right Workout For Your Body Type
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Training Hard But No Results? Choose The Right Workout For Your Body Type