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Top 5 Health Care Tips You Need To Know For Your Newborn

- 15th February 2017

Congratulations on the nine months of waiting and the overwhelming excitement of labor and delivery. As a new parent, are you already worried about keeping your little one safe and healthy? Well, worry no more. Here are 5 top healthcare tips to make your journey a lot easier.

1. Learn to hold your baby


Does the floppy neck of your newborn scare you? Well, that’s because the muscles take a few months to develop. When holding your child make sure that you fully support the neck area. Uncontrolled movement of the neck often causes damage to the brain.

2. Burp your baby after every feed


This is a very simple trick to keep stomach problems at the bay. Otherwise, excessive air that goes inside the little one’s system during the day can cause a lot of discomforts. Just gently pat & rub his back for a while after feeding.

3. Only sponge baths in the beginning



It’s best to give your newborn a real bath only after the umbilical cord falls off. Till then, a careful sponge bath in lukewarm water will perfectly serve the purpose.

4. The best sleeping position


Sleeping on the back is the safest position for your baby. It not only provides the newborn with ultimate comfort but also reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), also called crib death.

5. Timeliness with the diaper duty


Though it sometimes gets messy and smelly but changing the diapers on time is very crucial to keep your baby in good health. Also, before putting on a new diaper every time he/she passes stool, make sure you wipe the skin properly and apply a barrier cream.

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Top 5 Health Care Tips You Need To Know For Your Newborn
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Top 5 Health Care Tips You Need To Know For Your Newborn