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9 Things Men Need To Know About Pregnant Women

- 16th April 2017
Things Men Need To Know About Pregnant Women

Men are no expert at handling pregnant women. Luckily for you, we have listed 9 things you need to know about how to handle pregnant women.

1. Feed Her Constantly


Feed your pregnant wife as soon as she says she is hungry because when she says she is hungry, she means every word of it. You don’t want to be around a hungry pregnant woman, do you? Consider yourself a food vending machine for the next 9 months.

2. Her Food Is Always Off-limits


Your wife might have been comfortable sharing her food before she got pregnant. But never ever take food from a pregnant woman’s plate, unless you want all hell to break loose!

3. Be Ready To Gain Weight


A pregnant woman is bound to have some cravings and we all know that. But what you might not know is that the man gains weight too, simply because he will have no choice but to partake in her cravings.

4. Never Tell Her How Big She Is Getting


No pregnant woman likes to be pointed out that she is getting big. You might look at this in a beautiful way since this is the course of nature. But your pregnant wife will definitely snap at you for ‘calling her fat’.

5. Say Bye To Her Sense Of Humour



While the good news is that she is having a baby, the bad news is that there isn’t enough room for the baby and her sense of humor. Your pregnant wife might not appreciate your witty sense of humor and might just get angry at you. Hence, refrain from being a comedian.

6. Say Goodbye To Sex

Men and Women Relationship

Sex during pregnancy can be a bit challenging. There is no doubt that as a man, you are about to get sexually frustrated. The first trimester will be the worst when your pregnant wife is going through most changes. So, you being sexually frustrated doesn’t cut it. Enjoy it when she initiates it.

7. You Will Be Replaced By Pillows


Your wife will probably love hugging the pillows than you while sleeping. Just accept this fact and make yourself comfortable on the couch.

8. Pregnant Women Are Lazy


Your wife’s body is growing, stretching and changing like you never imagined. And with that, she is going to be lazy as well. She might not do the dishes, or not even clean the kitchen. You just have to deal with it.

9. You Can’t Complain


You basically cannot complain about all things listed above and everything else that you are a victim of. She is carrying your baby inside her and hence has the trump card. In front of that, your complaints are going to be dismissed and in addition will make you look really selfish.

9 Things Men Need To Know About Pregnant Women
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