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The Real Reason Mosquitoes Are More Attracted To You

- 6th September 2017
The Real Reason Mosquitoes Are More Attracted To You

I love butterflies. They’re pretty and innocent. They do their own butterfly thing and most of all, they leave you alone. But mosquitoes – Oh. My. God. I have questioned the usefulness of their existence from the time they gave me my first hickey. At every college bonfire, my girlfriends seemed unfazed by the swarm of mosquitoes around us. The pesky little things always hovered around me. Finally, someone found me more attractive than my friends!

Dangers Of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are like deranged lovers – they will try to get close to you and kill you. Mosquitoes are known to carry dangerous, sometimes fatal, diseases like malaria, dengue, Zika Virus, chikungunya, yellow fever and West Nile virus.

What Attracts Mosquitoes To You?

I have had my share of attracting @$$hol3$. But mosquitoes are special kinds of @$$hol3s. The study shows that mosquitoes find 20% of the population more irresistible. Boy, do I feel special or what?

Here’s a bunch of reasons why they are more attracted to you –

1. Blood Type

Blood Type

While male mosquitoes live on nectar for nourishment, the females need the protein in our blood to produce eggs. Hence, some blood types are naturally more attractive to them than the others. They are also drawn to the 85% of people who produce secretions that help mosquitoes identify their blood type. The most desirable blood type is Type O, followed by Type B and then Type A.

2. Apparel


Mosquitoes rely on their vision and sense of smell to target victims. Their first mode of search for victims towards late afternoon is through vision. You are easier to spot if you are wearing dark clothes like black, navy and red.

3. Heat & Sweat

Heat & Sweat

Owing to their strong sense of smell, mosquitoes can identify scents of uric acid, lactic acid and ammonia that are emitted in sweat. People with warmer body temperatures exude a sweaty must that attracts mosquitoes to them.



Mosquitoes can discern carbon-dioxide up to 160 feet away. Hence, they are more attracted to larger people or pregnant women who tend to exhale more. Since we exhale through our nose or mouth, mosquitoes are more attracted to our heads.



This may be the only thing that makes me not hate the tiny little bloodsuckers (No, I really do hate them). Research shows that mosquitoes were more attracted to study participants who had downed a 12-ounce beer than the ones who had not. This is attributed to the increase in ethanol content in skin temperature and sweat that mosquitoes find irresistible.

Cut Off The One Sided Love

As much as I would like to wipe their existence off the face of the earth, we will have to co-exist. The most we can do is take precautions to keep them away.

 There are mosquito repellents like Mosquito that mask human scent

 Bathe regularly to wash off the build-up of bacteria and lactic acid on your skin

 Do not wear dark clothes when you are in a mosquito prone area I’m not sure if this is a psychological thing, but every time I kill a mosquito, my itching stops! How about you?

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The Real Reason Mosquitoes Are More Attracted To You
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The Real Reason Mosquitoes Are More Attracted To You