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Sugars In Disguise: Invisible Sugars In Your Everyday Food

- 28th August 2017

When we say hidden sugars we mean added sugars that you don’t put into your diet knowingly. There are numerous conflicting stories about which diet is good or bad for you. Experts believe that reducing your intake of added sugars that are present in your everyday food habits is one good way to start your journey toward genuinely good health.  

While you may argue and say that fruits and dairy products also contain added sugars, they are still not harmful because the sugars present in fruits and dairy are natural sugars that are nutritious and healthy.

On a different note, sugars, that you can’t see with a naked eye, in processed and packaged foods and beverages bring with them life threatening conditions. These foods we talk about are things you don’t pay much attention to while you consume them but they contain high-sugar, which carry the risk of you getting diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, and cognitive disorders, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.  

Here’s bursting your bubble about sugars you think you know about and the revelation of hidden sugars in foods like:

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  • Get-set-eat Breakfast Cereals. Unwanted and unhealthy sugars hide in your morning fix of nutrition. Ready-to-eat oats and flavored cereals don’t say it out loud but they have what you absolutely do not need: high-sugar.
  • Pretty Sugary Salad Dressing . You may have picked a modest salad to please your taste buds while you keep your diet in check but the stuff you pick to dress your salad contains added sugar you didn’t know about. Keep in an out for the ingredients that salad dressing is made of and chose one that contains the least or no added sugar at all.
  • Sugary Sauces and Soups. Most commercial sauces and packet soups cover sugars that you should be aware of to avoid them. The best way to keep away from them is by boycotting them. You can do this by making your own sauces and soups from scratch. The preparation of the same is not difficult and the end result is healthy and just perfect.
  • Sugar in Breads. White breads are the truest form of highly processed foods. Undoubtedly, they are high on unnatural and fatty sugar. However, multigrain breads and brown breads are not far behind. Wheat breads are only made to look brown and caramel like but they also contain hazardous amounts of sugar you should say no to. Try rye bread or spelt bread. These baked wonders have a lower levels and sugar and high levels of vitamins.
  • Sugar in your Non-sweet Frozen Yogurt. Frozen yogurt, whether they are the low fat diet kind or the normal kind, nevertheless, contain carcinogenic sweeteners. You are better with some plain curd and natural sweeteners like fresh fruit. You could try organic Greek style yogurt.
  • Sugar-laden Tins of Baked Beans. If you thought that tins of high-fiber baked beans make for a wholesome meal, think again. These tins pack not only high amounts of sugar, but they also feature synthetic colorants and additives. The most apt alternative is to bake your beans in your own tasty and clean way.
  • Calorific Smoothies. As long as smoothies are just a small part of your meal and not your entire spread, you are good to go. Typically, market and café smoothies are made of highly concentrated fruit juices with additives and synthetic sweeteners. Make your own smoothie and beat that hidden sugar at its own game.
  • Instant Oats. Nothing instant is recommendable. When food is instant, it is usually packed full of sugar, chemicals, and saturated fats. The same goes for instant oats. Chose a good brand of organic oatmeal and fix yourself a high-protein and low sugar breakfast or snack.
Sugars In Disguise: Invisible Sugars In Your Everyday Food
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Sugars In Disguise: Invisible Sugars In Your Everyday Food