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This Study Shows A New Way To Stop Tumours In Their Tracks

- 9th November 2017
This Study Shows A New Way To Stop Tumours In Their Tracks

Cancer kills millions of people each year. There are various types of cancers that require a different approach to treatment. New research has identified a way to combat cancer by preventing and reducing the growth of cancerous cells in the body.


How Can You Stop Growth Of Cancerous Cells –

Scientists have found out an effective way to destroy enzymes that are crucial in the growth of tumours. This mechanism also targets enzymes that have blocked any past attempts of treatment and have become treatment resistant. This target enzyme is called PPT1 which regulates two aspects of cancer –

  1. Rapamycin (mTOR) – regulator of cancer cell growth
  2. Autophagy – resistance mechanism which allows cancer cells to survive under attack

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved various drugs that target mTOR. However, although these drugs successfully target mTOR, they end up turning on Autophagy, which leads to making the tumour resistant. This means that both processes are complementary since autophagy supplies nutrients that direct growth of mTOR and mTOR shuts off autophagy when it does not require the nutrients.

Most cancer survivors combine their medical treatment with a healthy diet to overcome their disease. Studies have concluded that 30-40% of any kind of cancer can be prevented by practising a healthy lifestyle and the diet that we follow.

Here’s a bunch of foods that fight cancer –


  • Leafy Green Vegetables –


Leafy Green Vegetables –

Leafy green vegetables contain very low amounts of fat, sodium and calories and are rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. These nutrients are known to fight cancer. Collard greens, kale, spinach, watercress, arugula salad etc., contain beta-carotene (Vitamin A type), Vitamin C and antioxidants which help in combating cancer.


  • Herbs & Spices –


Herbs & Spices –

Herbs like cayenne pepper, oregano, thyme, raw garlic, basil, parsley and ginger act as boosters for the immune system. They can be used easily in recipes, as salad dressings or in juices and smoothies. Additionally, turmeric is known to decrease tumour size and combat colon and breast cancer. Turmeric contains the curcumin which is an active ingredient that enhances absorption and fights inflammation effectively.


  • Cruciferous Vegetables –


Cruciferous Vegetables –

Cruciferous vegetables are powerful cancer killers and are the best source for Vitamin C. Most cruciferous vegetables are rich in glutathione. Glutathione is widely known as the master antioxidant of the body. Broccoli and cabbage are rich sources for two such antioxidants namely indoles and sulforaphanes that act as stimulators in detoxifying enzymes that are responsible for protecting the structure of DNA. Other foods known for boosting cancer treatment include zucchini, carrots, beets, onions, peppers, artichokes, and asparagus.


  • Mushroom –


Mushroom –

Mushrooms vary in taste, nutrition and health benefits, and are known to enhance the immune system. Many species of mushrooms have been used to fight and treat cancer for centuries. Cordyceps, Reishi and Maitake are known to enhance immune functions and regeneration of cells. You can consume it in capsule form or cook them. Consult with a doctor first if you have an allergy on mushroom consumption.


  • Seeds & Nuts –


Seeds & Nuts –

Flaxseeds and Chia seeds are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, fibre and other vital minerals. Other sources of healthy fatty acids are pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, etc.


  • Roots & Citrus Fruits –


Roots & Citrus Fruits –

Roots like carrots, beets, sweet potato and other tubers are rich in carbohydrates and are known to reduce several cancer risks. Citrus fruits contain various derivatives of Vitamin A like lycopene, cryptoxanthin, lutein, alpha-carotene and beta-carotene that are essential nutrients for enhancing immune functioning, detoxification and combating cancer of eyes, skin and other cancers.


  • Berries –


Berries –

In addition to Vitamin A and Vitamin C, berries are a rich source of Gallic Acid, which is a strong antiviral agent that boosts immunity. Berries such as cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, Camu Camu and goji berries can be used in various recipes and are easy to find.


  • Organic Meat –


Organic Meat –

Organic meat like beef, chicken liver and fish are extremely rich in Vitamin B12 and are recommended in most cancer-combating diets. Consuming protein from these meats provides the body with essential minerals that help in cleansing the liver and detoxifying the blood and digestive tract.


  • Fish –


Fish –

Research has concluded that consumption of fish increases immunity. Fish like salmon, sardines and mackerel are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids and are anti-inflammatory agents leading to a healthier brain and nervous system. Consumption of fish, therefore, enhances brain tumour treatment and has proven effective in curing brain cancer. Omega-3s preserve muscle mass and reduces inflammation resulting from chemotherapy.


  • Cultured Dairy Products –


Cultured Dairy Products –

Cultured dairy is a result of fermentation. Good bacteria probiotics are microorganisms that maintain a natural bacterial balance in the intestines and boosts immunity. These probiotics are found in cultured dairy products. Since 80% of your immune system is stored in your gut, probiotic foods help in the treatment of a tumour naturally. Probiotic foods should be consumed in their natural state. Hence, any milk product such as kefir, cheese or yoghurt should be made of raw milk. Do not use high heating processes to pasteurize dairy as it can damage vital nutrients such as proteins and enzymes apart from the probiotics.


  • Healthy Oils –


Healthy Oils –

Refined and hydrogenated oils lead to congestion and destruction of cell membranes leading to diseased cells and toxicity. Unrefined oils like flaxseeds oils, cod oil, coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil nourish your core and enhance immune functions. These oils contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that rejuvenate your cells, and reach and maintain a healthy body weight.


  • Traditional Teas –


Traditional Teas –

Cell proliferation, Angiogenesis, cell adhesion, migration and invasion into the surrounding tissues are connected processes that lead to the deadliest aspect of cancer known as Metastasis. It is the most common cause of death in cancer patients and hence, the most important issue discussed in cancer-combating research. Several clinical kinds of research have concluded that consumption of green tea reduces the risk of cancer. Green tea contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate, which is a polyphenolic compound and is known to inhibit tumour invasion and angiogenesis which are important for metastasis. While all traditional teas have shown considerable effects in cancer treatment, green tea is the most effective as it contains the antioxidant EGCG. EGCG has shown more 25-100 times more effective in treating cancer than Vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The most important thing to do right away is to include a lot of nutrient-rich foods to your diet. Together, let’s kick cancer’s a$$.

This Study Shows A New Way To Stop Tumours In Their Tracks
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This Study Shows A New Way To Stop Tumours In Their Tracks