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Stop Your Partner’s Snoring With These Incredibly Simple Tips

- 22nd June 2017

Snoring is a common sleep problem, but most people will not even notice that they do it. However, sharing a bed with a spouse with the problem can be annoying because it is hard to get any sleep with all the noise. But, before you decide to crash on the couch, it is important to try and find ways to help your partner deal with or stop snoring. And to give you a hand, here are some simple tips and tricks.

1. Help Them  Shed Some Weight

Overweight people face various sleep problems including snoring. In most cases shedding a few pounds is all you need to stop the snoring. If you have a spouse with this issue, you can help them shed some weight in various ways. First, you can come up with a workout routine for both of you because fighting the fat together makes things easier. Also, you can encourage them to stick to a healthy diet by creating highly-nutritious, home meals and ensuring that you only have healthy foods in the house.

2. Change Their Sleeping Position

When you sleep on your back, your tongue falls back and blocks the airways, which is one of the primary causes of snoring. And so, helping your better half to change their sleep position will be a very useful way of stopping the snoring. There are some simple tricks that you can do to achieve this, but the most efficient one involves sewing a small pocket on the back of their pajama shirts and putting a small tennis ball there every night before you go to sleep. Doing this makes it very uncomfortable for your better half to sleep on their back and hence reduces the likelihood of snoring.

3. Make Sure There Is No Alcohol Before Bed

Nothing is more romantic than sharing a small glass of wine with your spouse after dinner. But, as much as this might be romantic it can be one of the key reasons why he or she snores when sleeping. What makes alcohol bad for sleep is that it causes the muscles around the throat to relax more than usual and hence making the back of the throat collapse which in turn causes the airways to become narrow. If you must share a glass of wine with your partner or if they have to take alcohol every day, it is important to limit the consumption to daytime so as to prevent snoring.

4. Buy Them an Anti-Snoring Device

A snoring mouthpiece is one of the best gifts you can give a snoring partner. These devices come in various designs, but all of them aim at keeping the airways open to prevent snoring. The anti-snoring mouthpiece acts by preventing the tongue from falling back or by holding the jaw in the right position. There are also other options like nasal strips and dilators that can also help stop snoring and they work by widening the nasal passages to reduce the vibrations that lead to snoring. Identifying the type of snorer your partner is will help you determine what device to buy them.

Snoring might look like something minor, but it can cause strains in relationships because nobody wants to be kept awake every other night. However, before you get angry at your snoring partner, it is important to know that they do not do it intentionally. And the wisest step that you can take is to help them stop it.


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Stop Your Partner’s Snoring With These Incredibly Simple Tips
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Stop Your Partner’s Snoring With These Incredibly Simple Tips