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Stop Eating These 5 Foods For Better Teeth

- 23rd December 2016
Better Teeth

For many of us, a visit to the dentist could be one of the most dreaded things in life. Hence, we try to do everything to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Along with following the routine of brushing twice daily and properly rinsing our mouth after every meal, it is also important to keep a check on what we eat. Dentists agree and there are enough studies to prove that consumption of certain food items can cause damage to our teeth. Here is a list of five food items that you must avoid to maintain strong and healthy teeth.

1. Sticky candies and sweets


Sugary treats like hard candies, lollipops, and caramels contain refined sugar. And eating too many of these could be harmful to your teeth because these sweets do not clear out of your mouth quickly. In addition, hard candies can also leave you with a broken or chipped tooth.

2. Carbonated soft drinks


Besides being excessively high in sugar content, carbonated drinks contain phosphoric and citric acids that erode tooth enamel.

3. Starchy and crunchy foods


We all love potato chips but unfortunately, they are filled with starch that gets trapped between our teeth. And if you do not brush or floss the food particles out, it can eventually lead to plaque build-up.

4. Drinks or medicines that dry out your mouth


Consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, colas and even certain types of medicines can dry out your mouth. Drying of mouth can lead to tooth decay, teeth staining, and oral infections such as gum disease.

5. Citrus food or drinks


It is important to keep a check on the amount of citrus intake because frequent exposure to acidic foods or drinks can erode the enamel, making teeth more susceptible to decay.

So keep your pearls safe by minding what you eat!



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Stop Eating These 5 Foods For Better Teeth
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Stop Eating These 5 Foods For Better Teeth