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Skateboarding Pilates? These Super Weird Workout Fads Are Buzzing Around Town

- 6th September 2017
Skateboarding Pilates? These Super Weird Workout Fads Are Buzzing Around Town

Human beings tend to get bored with routine. We always manage to come up with unconventional ways to keep ourselves engaged instead of following a monotonous process of doing something. With people who have started becoming more conscious about their health, you might see fitness centres around every corner. People have come up with weird fitness trends instead of sticking to the conventional I-grunt- every-time squats. Bizarre as they seem at the beginning, these new workout trends have an element of fun and involve activities that we loved as kids like swimming, skateboarding or just crawling.

Let’s take a look at the most weird fitness routines trending in town:

1. Skateboarding Pilates:

Skateboarding Pilates:

When professional skateboarder, Nyjah Huston, won the Street League Skateboarding championship, everybody suddenly wanted showcase their mad skills with the skateboard. Guess who wasn’t impressed? The Pedestrians. Then God sent the Messiah-of- the-pedestrian- people in the form of French celebrity trainer, Raphael Doub. Doub has worked for two years on combining skateboarding and Pilates that you can perform at the gym or fitness centre. The trend caught on like wildfire (thank you, Game of Thrones). This routine is already very famous in Paris and is slowly being incorporated in other parts of the world.

Doub asserts that doing Pilates using a skateboard helps in working on your stability and balance. This intense workout session is a cross between the three most complete sports – rowing, figure skating and cross-country skiing. The one thing that all three sports have in common is the balance on a fluid element which we attain with the oscillation of the skateboard. An unstable surface really helps in strengthening your core as you are forced activate the muscles that you normally would not.

Tip – If you’re trying this out on your own, place your skateboard on a yoga mat or on some cushioned surface because you are bound to topple over at some point. Beginners are advised to use thicker mats since they keep your board from rolling too much.

2. Kangoo:

2. Kangoo:

Dancing is the ultimate way to burn those calories while having fun. But if you’re bored of the conventional dance workout routines like Zumba, Kangoo is the thing for you. Kangoo was introduced in the USA and is slowly trending across the world.

It is an intense cardio workout that involves dancing and jumping around like a kangaroo wearing specially designed Kangoo shoes. Once you get over the feeling that you’re going to look silly doing it, it actually is fun. It works wonders on toning your calves and works on your core muscles too.

Tip – Start easy and gradually increase the time you spend doing Kangoo jumps. Do not exceed your comfort level and perform under supervision.

3. Hoopilates:


I loved hula hooping as a child. I hated working out as an adult. But then I was introduced to Hoopilates and now I can’t get enough of it. Hoopilates is a combination of Hula Hooping and Pilates. Practising this workout routine activates your abdominal muscles and strengthens your core. It is the perfect way for getting a trimmed waistline. Because you need to immensely focus on keeping the hoop up, you tend to forget about the physical activity involved as opposed to running on the treadmill. The Pilates movements improve your posture and balance.

Tip – You might not want to wear short skirts for this class as there are a lot of body twisting routines

4. Reverse Running:

Reverse Running:

Talk about unconventional! Although people might throw you strange looks and secretly sniggered, you’d get the last laugh. Running backwards results in you expending up to 30 per cent more energy than you would if you were moving forward at the same speed. It is an excellent way of burning that stubborn fat. It requires immense focus and will help in improving your muscular balance.

In forward run, you tend to slouch or lean to forward while running if you are tired. This is avoided when you run backwards, hence, improving your posture.

Tip – Choose where you want to perform this routine. Since you will be unable to see where you’re going, it’s best to practise this on a treadmill. Start slow and gradually increase speed.

5. Twerking:

5. Twerking:

Twerk your way to fitness! No, this does not involve you pulling Miley Cyrus moves in public. Twerking is such a popular trend that people have started taking classes to learn the crazy moves. You learn how to pop your booty to the beat along with a mix of other dance moves. It really works on your hips and lower back. It strengthens your core, hamstrings and glutes and increases your stamina. Not only is it fun, but it is also effective in burning fat and toning your body.

Tip – Since twerking involves activating your lower back muscles, it is advisable to do it under strict supervision till you master the art

6. Doga:

6. Doga:

Kangaroos? Dogs? We’re all in this together! Dog yoga, popularly known as Doga, is practising yoga with your pet dogs. You work with your pet dogs as one unit and help them in practising different poses. In some cases, you use them as props for performing a specific routine. Although Doga has many benefits like being relaxing for the dog, help injured dogs, and build a better bond between owner and pet, the Yoga community has criticised this practice and have labelled it inappropriate. Barking mad, I say!

Tip – Your pet dog might be in a frenzy, not knowing what’s going on. Go easy on them, start slow and just have fun! Make sure that your pooch is clean, let’s not make the others uncomfortable.

We have come across crazy (sometimes dangerous) workout routines like aerial yoga and bungee dancing. It is always advisable to try any new form of workout under supervision. Stay fit, don’t hurt yourself or others, and have fun! Which routine did you think was the weirdest? Tell us in the comments section and share more weird fitness trends that you follow.

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Skateboarding Pilates? These Super Weird Workout Fads Are Buzzing Around Town
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Skateboarding Pilates? These Super Weird Workout Fads Are Buzzing Around Town