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Do You Have A Sibling? They Might Be Helping You Live A Longer, Fuller Life

- 6th August 2017
Brother and sister

Apart from the times when they drive us mad or irritate us to death, having siblings around can actually have a positive impact on our physical and mental health. Multiple studies have shown, brothers and sisters can shape who we become later in life.

Here’s exactly why your sibling could be helping you live better!

Siblings Make You More Selfless

According to a study published by Wiley Online, quality relationships with siblings may promote altruism in teens, especially boys. For boys, having a sister around make them more affectionate in nature, and tempers some of the natural aggression found in many young males.

Many teenage boys find that they can rely on a sister or a brother as a steady source of affection and love, despite not seeking affectionate relationships among their other peers.

They Help You Improve Mental Health

No, it’s not because dealing with a sibling makes you mentally strong, although we wouldn’t count that out.

Studies by the Society for Research On Adolescence have found that sisters, specifically, seem to give siblings a mental health boost in ways that parents don’t. In many ways, sisters offset teenage problems like loneliness, feelings of being unloved, social awkwardness, etc. It is also proved that teenage boys or girls confide in their siblings more often than they do in their parents, and this offers the much-needed source of adolescent stress release.

Siblings Make You Happier

A sibling bond often translates into a lifetime of emotional support and an endless number of jokes. They help you with support and suggestions when you are stressed out or facing a seemingly unsolvable quandary.

That’s why it is no surprise that a strong relationship with your sibling can improve your overall happiness all through your life.

They Keep You Physically Active

Most people won’t deny that their family and friends have a significant impact on their lifestyle choices. And often our most steadfast traits are determined in early childhood.

Having a sibling to play with directly translates into a more active childhood. That kind of sustained activity when growing up often means that we make healthier, more fitness-oriented choices when we’re older.

Your Siblings Can Help You Live Longer

Apart from keeping you active and boosting your mental health, siblings can also help you in living a happy long life. Many studies have found that people with poor social connections die about 7.5 years earlier than those with solid bonds to friends and family. And when it comes to strong social bonds, many people report that it’s their siblings for whom they feel the feel the most attachment and the least stress.

Do You Have A Sibling? They Might Be Helping You Live A Longer, Fuller Life
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Do You Have A Sibling? They Might Be Helping You Live A Longer, Fuller Life