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Sex After Baby Is A Waiting Game

- 29th June 2017
Sex After Baby A Waiting Game

After the beautiful and adventurous journey of pregnancy is over, every woman is struggling with the initial days of being a mother and getting completely healed post delivery. But with these changes, one must not completely ignore their partner and the personal needs of both of them. Normally, once the women enter the third trimester there is no much sex between the couple and this waiting period continues for some time even post pregnancy due to various factors like the health of the mother, the desire to have sex, the safe time to have sex etc. For all these reasons, it is best to know when one can safely have sex post pregnancy.

Usually, the recommended waiting period for women to have sex with their partner after giving birth to a child is six weeks. But there are few women who have sex after three weeks without any complications. The waiting period will differ for every couple based on how fast the woman recovers and when both the partners feel like indulging in sex.


Given below are some major reasons why it is important for couples to wait before having sex post delivery;

  1. Almost 90% of the first time mothers who have a normal delivery will suffer from torn tissues or an episiotomy
  2.  And women who have had a cesarean section will also take time to recover from the post effects of the surgery
  3. When the placenta comes out delivery it leaves a wound in the uterus
  4. It takes almost close to 3 – 4 weeks for the blood vessels to close
  5. If a couple has penetrated sex before the blood vessels are completely healed, the air which is pushed into these blood vessels can cause air embolism which can be very fatal
  6. Even performing oral sex on a woman who has just delivered will not be a safe option since she must have not completely healed.

It is best to talk to your doctor about the right time to start having sex post pregnancy since the doctor will be the right person to understand how you are recovering and give you suggestions accordingly.

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Sex After Baby Is A Waiting Game
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Sex After Baby Is A Waiting Game