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The Real Reason Why Men Need A Break Between Orgasms

- 9th April 2017
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There is no secret that the anatomy of men and women are different. And that obviously affects their sex life. After the first round, not everyone is ready for round too. Women may still be excited and willing to go after few seconds, but for men, nevertheless how much they want it, it is not easy for them. They tend to sleep and take a break after their first round and there is a reason behind it.

After ejaculation, every man has a recovery period, which is formally known as the male refractory period. According to, several brain chemicals are released when men ejaculate, including norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide and prolactin.

The hormone Prolactin is directly linked to the male refractory period and it has a direct effect on a man’s sex life. If a male has low prolactin levels, his refractory period will be shorter. If his prolactin levels are high, the refractory period will be longer. Another major side effect of prolactin is that, as it increases post-ejaculation, the production of testosterone — a major stimulator of sex — is withheld. A man’s ejaculation can last between a few minutes to days and how long would a male refractory period typically last depends on a number of factors.

Age plays a crucial role in determining a male’s refractory period. Younger men might only need a couple of minutes during this period, but older men have longer refractory periods which last between 12 to 24 hours. For some it may last for even few days.

Other factors that come into play are the status of your relationship, level of desire, how turned on you are, drinking and smoking habits, what medications you’re on, how comfortable you are in your environment—everything that would determine your ability to get it up to start with.

Women don’t experience a refractory period like men do, but losing interest in sex after an orgasm, or sleepiness, is completely normal. Due to this, women have the capacity for multiple orgasms without the need for a break in between. So now when you see your man falling sleepy after the first round, you know the reason too!

The Real Reason Why Men Need A Break Between Orgasms
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The Real Reason Why Men Need A Break Between Orgasms