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Practice These Yoga Routines With Your Partner For A Stronger Relationship

- 20th February 2017

The basic definition of yoga is the union of your mind, body, and spirit. Due to its all-inclusive aspect, the health benefits of yoga are unmatched to any other form of exercise. Among the various forms of yoga, couple yoga or partner yoga has started garnering a lot of attention, of lately. In couple yoga, one partner acts as the base, and the other acts as the flier, interchangeably, making both partners dependent on each other for every movement. This gradually improves your levels of communication, builds trust and intimacy with each other. So, go ahead and try these couple yoga with your partner for a stronger relationship:

1. Surya Namaskar


Begin your yoga session with Surya Namaskar standing side-by-side with your partner. Sync your movement with your partner and do about five to ten rounds of it. This yoga stretches every part of your body thereby strengthening your back and muscles. So, boost your health and relationship with Surya Namaskar.

2. Partner Breathing



Cross your legs and sit with your back resting against each other. Join your hands and keep them close to your chest. Close your eyes, and breathe alternately, i.e. when you exhale, your partner inhales, and vice-versa. Doing this asana for three to five minutes will make you feel connected to each other.

3. Navasana


Sit face-to-face. Bend your legs and bring your knees close to your chest. Hold each other’s hand and slowly stretch your left leg and let it touch the right leg of your partner and vice-versa. Lift your legs in upward direction while keeping your spine straight. Slowly press the sole of your feet with that of your partner’s. Maintain the position for six to eight breaths.

4. Ardha Matsyendrasana


Sit cross-legged and back-to-back. Stretch your arms while inhaling and then twist to the right as you exhale. Stretch your right hand to reach your partner’s left knee. With every inhale, lengthen and find more space, and try to twist a bit more with every exhale. Synchronize your breathing. Hold for 5-10 breaths before switching side.

5. Baddha Konasana


Sit back-to-back with the soles of your feet together. Inhale and stretch your spine. While exhaling one partner folds forward from the hips, while the other partner releases their head and shoulders onto their partner’s back and relaxes. After holding for 5-10 breaths come back up while inhaling.

6. Ustrasana + Halasana


One partner lies on the ground, lifts the legs and takes them over their head, to touch the ground like Halasana. The second partner kneels facing away from the base with their feet hugging the base’s shoulders, bend backward coming into Ustrasana by keeping the knees hips-width apart and reaching back to hold onto the heels. Stay for five deep breaths.

7. Anuvittasana


Stand back-to-back and hook elbows. The base partner bends his knees, engages his core, and leans forward till the flier’s feet are above the ground. Hold for a few breaths and then slowly bend the knees until the flier’s feet touch the ground.

8. Urdhva Dhanurasana


The base lies down on their back with knees bent and feet flat on the ground. The flier stands near the base’s feet facing away. The base places their feet firmly at the flier’s lower back with his heels resting on their glutes. Flier bends backward reaching with their arms. Base reaches and grabs onto the flier’s shoulders and lifts their legs into the air, simultaneously lifting the flier off the ground.

So, practice these yoga sessions and boost your relationship with love, understanding, and trust.


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Practice These Yoga Routines With Your Partner For A Stronger Relationship
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Practice These Yoga Routines With Your Partner For A Stronger Relationship