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The Peacock Brahmachari: 9 Of India’s Most Common Sex Myths Busted!

- 4th July 2017
Peacock Sex

Soon after the ‘beef ban’ comes yet another hilarious controversy, ‘The Peacock Brahmachari’. Mahesh Chand Sharma, a Rajasthan high court judge has a unique explanation for why the peacock is India’s national bird. According to him, peacocks don’t have sex with peahens. Instead, the female bird simply laps up the peacock’s tears and hilarious conception ensues. Well, if peahens and Tigers could talk, they’d have a lot to say about this.

This lack of awareness has made sex such a sensitive topic to even think about.  

Some private institutions; and contemporary parents encourage sex education. They actually want their children to know everything they need to know about sex, procreation, and human evolution. However, on the other hand, we have Union Health Ministers of the country who want to ban sex education for reasons only they can comprehend. This leads to a gazillion misconceptions about sex, conflicts between people, poor moral judgment on the part of very important in the country, and the formation of a narrow-minded society.

Sex is for procreation and leisure. But before you venture out to explore it for either reason, learn to differentiate between what’s real and what’s not. Over the years, people have come up with their own so-called facts about sex that is misleading and their bubbles about sex should be busted immediately.

Here are 9 of India’s most common sex myths busted

Sex myths

1. The bigger the better

If you’ve been under the impression that the size of your man’s ‘thing’ is what is responsible for all that pleasure, here is the bust. The size of an organ has never had anything to do with sex or the goodness of it. Size does not matter. Style, affection, and approach matters.

2. The size of a man’s foot can determine how ‘big’ he is

You’ve probably heard this one before. Well it is a very interesting game if you want to just play around, but it’s not true. The size of someone’s penis is solely about the penis. The size of a man’s foot or arm is completely out of the picture when it comes to penis size.

3. Period sex is 100% safe

Many women believe that if they have unprotected sex while they are on their period, they can’t possibly get pregnant. Unfortunately, this is not true. The fittest sperm always survives, and when it does, it hangs around for a long time.

4. Sex is like hardcore exercise

If you have sex regularly, you can become more flexible and may even learn some new moves. But, it does not help you burn as many calories as real exercise does. So if you were planning to substitute your cardio regime with sex for exercise, plan differently.

5. Women never want sex as much as men want it

This is for all you women out there: Don’t ever feel guilty for wanting it. It is only natural. And all this about how men want sex more than women is a farce. Wanting sex is equal for both genders. Why should boys have all the fun, all the time?

6. If he withdraws, you won’t get pregnant

This may have worked for you once, but it won’t always. It is a matter of chance and luck. Just one tiny bit of sperm can do the job. As there is no guarantee of no pregnancy, in this case, stop believing this.

7. Reusing condoms is a great option

This is unhygienic and disastrous. A condom once used, cannot be washed and used again. It’s only going to make things worse, even if it looks like it is working.  

8. It’s all about finding the G-spot

You can’t make sex only about finding your woman’s G-spot. Every woman has a G-spot but it could be anywhere in her body. If you spend a time to look for it every time you are in bed, you are clearly wasting your time. There are a bunch of other simple things you can do to make her feel good.

9. The Louder the orgasm, the better the sex

Moaning and gasping add to the fun. Sometimes it happens naturally, sometimes it does not happen at all. Just because your partner had a silent orgasm without making any noise, does not mean that he or she did not enjoy it. Sometimes, ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’.

The Peacock Brahmachari: 9 Of India’s Most Common Sex Myths Busted!
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The Peacock Brahmachari: 9 Of India's Most Common Sex Myths Busted!