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5 Effective Food Habits For Your Child!

- 2nd December 2016
Food Habits For Your Child

Raising a child is no less than rocket science. It’s not astonishing that the parents sometimes require help in understanding what is best for their kids. You have to be judicious in buying and serving food for your children. It is very obvious that kids will fret over having healthy food. They would definitely have that over-sized burger rather than the bowl of fruits you served for them!

Whether you are trying to feed peas or persuading them to have a healthier drink other than soda, it is necessary that you know how and when to do it. Before getting into knowing some of the food habits which are a must for your kids, it’s important that you learn the basics of it first. You should never force your kid to “clean” the plate by finishing all that is served. It is important that you don’t overfeed them as this would result in an increase in their appetite beyond the healthy levels.

1. Eating Smart At School



Most of the kids leave their tiffin and lunch boxes untouched. At school, they tend to get busy playing or reading during their lunch breaks and it is absolutely normal. After all, “it’s child’s play!” If you start packing their lunch boxes with healthily tasty options and encourage them to opt for having food over playing always, things could turn out to be better for your toddler. Avoid giving money for snacks as they would tend to buy their favorite candy or that can of soda.

 2. No Bulk Unhealthy Foods



When you have to treat your child, go for the smartest option: buy them the smallest package of their favorite food. Besides this, when you go grocery shopping, do not indulge in a lot of impulsive buying of unhealthy snacks. It is highly important that you maintain a buffer of healthy snacks, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid buying a lot of chips, sugary biscuits, soda cans or chocolates. They are a strict No!

3. No Calorific Drinks, Please!



Kids and teenagers are not always conscious about what they drink, and sometimes you too aren’t. We generally tend to keep a track of the calories in various food items but skip taking a note of the drinks we have. And trust me, that’s precarious for your child’s health. Let us consider McDonald’s Chocolate McCafe Shake. You would certainly not be happy to know that a 22-ounce glass of the shake contains 880 Kcals which is nearly half of the daily calorie recommendation for 9-13-year-olds. To help you child develop healthy drinking habits, encourage them to have plenty of water and milk. It is important to avoid sugary fruit juices as well. So, don’t only watch what you eat, watch what you DRINK as well!

4. Fruits And Veggies: A Must-Have



Green fruits and vegetables are a must for your child. They provide different types of nutrients to the body and mind which are required for their all-round development. It is important that you always include a portion of fruits and vegetables with every meal. Avoid including a lot of starch like potatoes. It is obvious that veggies won’t appeal your toddler’s taste buds, but you could spice up the taste of the dish by adding a few ingredients that they like.

5. Be Someone They Look Up To



This could be the most important and difficult point to follow. There is no point in worrying about your kid’s health if you are not conscious of your own. It is highly essential that you give them good examples through your actions which could encourage them into taking a healthier lifestyle. You should eat snacks and meals with your children as and when possible so that they see you enjoying fruits and vegetables. Please don’t serve them a bowl of salad and enjoy an awesome hamburger yourself!

We really wish the best of health to you and your family. We are sure you would go a long way as a parent. Just stay focused and give your child the best that they deserve!

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5 Effective Food Habits For Your Child!
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5 Effective Food Habits For Your Child!