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All You Need To Know About Protein Rules For Active Women

- 20th December 2016
Protein Rules For Active Women

Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. It is considered to be long chains of amino acids. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Protein is needed to build and repair tissues and is also vital for neurotransmitters and hormones. Talking specifically about women, every woman wants to have lustrous hair and fine nails. And, they must know that our hair and nails are mostly made of protein. So, along with hair and nail products, they must also consume protein-rich diet. So, here is all you need to know about protein rules for active women:

Safeguards Muscle Loss

weight loss

Strict exercise or diet regime may restrict your carbohydrate and fat intake leaving the body to turn to the incoming protein for energy. This may lead to scarcity of protein for other bodily functions. And insufficient amino acids could result in muscle loss. Hence, sufficient intake of protein is a must to safeguard muscle loss.

Controls appetite

control appetite

Proteins take longer to break down and this slow digestion process keeps you to feel fuller for a longer time keeping hunger at bay. So, when you enrich your diet with protein, your appetite will remain under control, without hampering your energy level

Weight loss


Along with keeping a control on your appetite, protein also helps in burning calories more effectively. Your body spends more energy to process proteins as compared to digesting carbohydrates and fats. So if you consume protein-rich food, you will experience faster fat-loss than if you were on a low-protein diet.

Age well


It is a natural process to lose muscle mass as you grow older alongside dipping of metabolic activity that could lead to weight gain. But as an active woman, if you prioritize your protein intake, it will help you to counter these age-related factors too.

So for active women, and for women in general, protein intake has many positives to keep you fit and healthy.


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All You Need To Know About Protein Rules For Active Women
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All You Need To Know About Protein Rules For Active Women