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Do You Miss Being Single? Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

- 9th June 2017
Being Single

There is nothing wrong with being in a relationship or seeking love because we’ve all got to admit, at some point, it’s absolutely enchanting and can create the most cherished memories. However, you should enter a relationship only when you feel the love for the other person and not because all your friends are dating, or because of family pressure or because you feel that you are getting older, or you fear the idea of being alone.

Love is an emotion that can’t be forced.

Most people are appalled by the thought of being alone, and that is why they pursue relationships that do not work out in the long run. There is a serious cultural stigma around solitudepeople who are alone are often misunderstood and are treated as though they are lonely.

Being ‘Alone’ Vs. Being ‘Lonely’

Being Single

Alone and lonely are two different words and are magnificently different from one another. While being alone is a state of being, being lonely is a state of mind. You can be in a relationship or married and still be lonely if you don’t connect with your partner on an emotional level.

The first step in fighting your fear of being alone is shrugging off any stigma attached to being single. Your relationship status does not completely define your identity, it’s just one part of your life.

Although we live in a society that celebrates individualism, we dread being alone. And sometimes sorting out what you need from life and your career needs to take priority. Furthermore, feeling content with your own company is an important step in self-growth. In fact, being comfortable with being single is a sign of emotional maturity. Being independent and mature before making a commitment to your partner is a worthwhile goal.

Whether you’re consciously single or trying to find solace until you meet your perfect match, you should know that single life has its own perks that people in a relationship don’t get to enjoy. A few advantages of being uncoupled are:


You are in charge of your happiness:

Being Single

People in a relationship often expect their partners to meet their needs, they expect that their partners will take care of certain things, or they will figure out any issues together. Whereas being single challenges people to be responsible for their own well-being. Single people must be more conscious of their needs; therefore, they develop resources to create their own happiness. This quality of being self-aware and independent is invaluable for a healthy relationship if you decide to have one.


Build a strong sense of self:

Being Single

One of the risks of being in a close relationship is that your sense of self could get merged with your partner’s. And as an adult, your goal should be to be autonomous and emotionally independent. Experiencing things by yourself can teach you what defines you as a person and what brings you happiness.


Avoid feeling lonely with ease:

With Friends

Committed people often expect to derive all their needs for a human connection from one person. And it is a common assumption that people in a relationship aren’t lonely, whereas people who are single are. When you are single and if you feel lonely, instead of depending on one person you tend to turn to multiple people like your friends, parents, siblings, etc. Also, single people are more accustomed to their own company and enjoy being by themselves, hence, they don’t tend to feel lonely that often.

Resilience is one of your strong suits:


As a single person, you are making your way and thriving in a society that celebrated coupled people. Irrespective of your strong support network of family and friends, you’ve probably learned to handle stress on your own better than someone who is in a relationship. You are more capable of handling things like stress and pressure on your own.


Richer friendships:


Staying in touch and doing things together bring friends closer, but once a person starts dating, their time and attention are devoted to that one person. Couples usually prefer hanging out with each other, which leads to loss of connection with friends. Having a group of people that you care about or who care about you is important as it makes your life fuller and happier.

Don’t fret about being single, rather congratulate yourself for your decision to live your life on your terms and not succumb to the societal pressure and expectation to be a part of a couple.

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Do You Miss Being Single? Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing
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Do You Miss Being Single? Here's Why That's A Good Thing