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Meat Of The Matter: What Non-Veg Food Is The Healthiest For You?

- 4th July 2017
Healthy Nonveg

As a viral phenomenon, there are few political stories that match the intensity of the recent ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter. Called a ‘beef ban’ by protesting groups across the country, and hailed as a pro-environmental breakthrough by its supporters, the legislation has evoked a variety of reactions.

Among the clutter, one question remains unansweredwhat meats are healthiest for the human system?

This is the meat of the matter.

Meat has always been a common go-to-ground for easy differentiation. People are judged and understood by the meat they love to eat. The most widely eaten meats in India are chicken, mutton, fish, beef, and pork.

Everybody has a got a favourite, and every meat is special. But if you want to know what the healthiest choice of meat for you is, this handy chart should help you out!

How Do Different Meats Affect Your Body?

MEATS Beef Carabeef Mutton Chicken Pork
Nutritional Value Rich in iron, zinc, protein, and fat Rich in calories, carbohydrates, fats, sterols, calcium, proteins, vitamin A & C Rich in iron, fat, potassium, zinc, and protein Rich in protein, fat, cholesterol, sodium, iron, fat and calories Rich in thiamine, niacin, phosphorous, zinc, and potassium,
Heart High levels of cholesterol and saturated fat can cause heart diseases Contains fewer calories, less fat, and less cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart diseases High levels of cholesterol in the meat can cause heart diseases and heart failure. High levels of protein and lower levels of saturated fat can have a reduced impact on cholesterol levels. High levels of saturated fat and sodium can cause heart diseases
Liver High levels of cholesterol and saturated fats can cause liver diseases High levels of cholesterol and saturated fats can cause liver diseases Especially harmful when you have a liver disease Healthy protein in chicken can help mitigate liver disease Omega-3 and -6 fats can cause cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer
Muscles High in protein and multivitamins, beef is very good for muscle-building High in protein and multivitamins, carabeef is very good for muscle-building Contains high-quality protein and iron, which increases muscle mass Features a higher protein-to-fat ratio that strengthens your muscles High-quality protein in pork improves muscle growth
Brain Unhealthy saturated fats in beef affect brain functioning and memory Carabeef may decrease your brain function, if over-consumed regularly High intake of Omega-6, found in mutton can cause cognitive impairment Chicken contains a nutrient called choline which can boost your memory and help your brain age well Protein-laden pork improves brain function and memory

If you read the table carefully, you may notice that every meat has its own unique properties, while at the same time, they can affect your bodies adversely if you eat too much of them.

Other Meats

  • Turkey: It is inexpensive while being a high-protein meat, just like chicken.
  • Venison: Although difficult to find in regular markets, venison or deer meat has fewer calories and more vitamins than beef.
  • Duck: Packed with selenium, phosphorus, and B vitamins that are very good energy producers. They also strengthen your immune system.
  • Wild Boar: With a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, wild boar meat is quick good for you. It also packs essential nutrients like B vitamins, selenium, and zinc.

Any of these meats, if consumed in moderate amounts will work just as fine as vegetables and other sources of nourishment. Happy eating!

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Meat Of The Matter: What Non-Veg Food Is The Healthiest For You?
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Meat Of The Matter: What Non-Veg Food Is The Healthiest For You?