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Is Sugaring The New Hair Removal Superstar?

- 7th September 2017
Is Sugaring The New Hair Removal Superstar

Hair removal is often a painful but indispensable part of grooming for women. There are probably few things that a woman dreads more than her regular waxing appointments. While waxing has been the go to method for most, there’s another hair removal technique that’s fast gaining a lot of popularity. Beauty bloggers and professionals alike claim that body sugaring is now the sweetest way to get your body hair removed–with all natural ingredients and lesser pain.

What is sugaring?

What is sugaring?

Sugaring or Persian waxing is actually not a new method. It was in use in the Middle East and Greece from as early as 1900 B.C. Sugaring is done using a warm paste made of sugar, lemon juice, and water. It removes the entire hair from the root. It is a completely organic and gentler alternative to waxing. There are two sugaring techniques available. In the first method, the special paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature and pulled off with strips. Alternately, the paste is made into a ball, placed on the skin and pulled off in the direction of hair growth causing slow exfoliation.

How does it work?

You can try sugaring by yourself but professional body sugaring yields better results. The first step is to wipe the body surface with an additive-free cleanser and powder. A beautician would then apply the warm sugaring paste or the paste ball with gloved hands and smooth it onto the skin. The texture of the paste is similar to wax. It is then flicked off in the direction of hair growth. The sugar wraps around your hair strands and then pulls them out from the follicles as it’s rolled off your skin. Unlike wax, it binds with the hair instead of the skin and thus causes much less pain and damage. You can remove hair from your legs, armpits, upper lips and bikini area, arm pits through sugaring. But it’s a difficult technique to master for people without training as it needs smooth and thick layering at
one go. It also has to be peeled off correctly.

Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring

● While sugaring is an organic technique, waxing uses artificial or synthetic ingredients. Sugaring uses natural components such as sugar, lemon juice and water which are less likely to irritate the skin. Body wax contains artificial fragrances, chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and resins.

● Sugaring is more hygienic than waxing. Since the sugar gel consists of natural ingredients, it’s usually bacteria-free from bacteria and less likely to cause allergies. Body wax, however, can often bacteria and lead to rashes and infections.

● The sugaring gel is peeled off in the direction of the hair growth. In waxing, it’s the opposite. This technique makes it a gentler method than waxing. It also causes lesser blisters, bruises, reddening, and infections.

● Sugaring gel binds with the hair strand, while waxing binds with the skin. This is another reason why sugaring is a less painful process. It effectively pulls out the hair without excessively straining the skin.

Pros and cons of body sugaring

When performed by experts, sugaring has few risks and disadvantages. If your skin is very sensitive, it can cause inflammation and reddening. So be mindful of your skin type. Retin A users should not undergo sugaring if they have used it 3 days before the method. Accutane users should also wait for six to twelve months.

Since the sugaring paste is kept at lukewarm or room temperature, the chances of burning are low. The gel is easily removed with water and is less messy than wax. In waxing, some of the wax still remains on the skin even after a couple of days. Sugar and lemon juice also naturally exfoliate the skin-making it cleaner and preventing rashes.

Sugaring deserves all the hype it has received and it certainly sounds like a great alternative to plain old waxing. It might cost you more if you get it done professionally but it seems to be worth the extra bucks.

Is Sugaring The New Hair Removal Superstar?
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Is Sugaring The New Hair Removal Superstar?