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Here Is What Happens When You Wear High Heels

- 18th April 2017
High Heel Affects on Body

The truth behind what happens when you wear high heels is beyond a mere foot pain and wanting to sit down after a few hours in heels. Here are a few effects of wearing heels on your body.


High Heel Affects on Body

High heels mean that your body weight is going to be pushed down to the ball of your feet. This abnormal pressure results in a painful condition such as ingrown nails, bunions, and so on.

Achilles Tendon:

High Heel Affects on Body

Wearing high heels forces your ankles to bend forward which stiffen the tendon muscle that connects to your calf muscle. A stiff tendon muscle makes it difficult to walk even barefoot.


Knee Problems

Due to high pressure on the ball of your feet, your knees tend to bend forward to keep you balanced. Over time the pressure on your knees can lead to arthritis


High Heel Affects on Body

Hips play a major role in maintaining the body posture and the movement of the body. Hence, with high heels your hips tend to bend forward to compensate the pressure on your feet. This can lead to pain not only in your hips but also inner thighs, neck, groin and so on.


Back Pain

While our hips and knees bend forward to maintain the right posture, your back hyperextends backward, which is very dangerous for your back and can lead to a back spasm, arthritis, and so on.
While we all love wearing heels and can’t do without them, one must strike the right balance between high heels and flats, as wearing high heels regularly is not good for the body.


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Here Is What Happens When You Wear High Heels
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Here Is What Happens When You Wear High Heels