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Have You Been Eating Seaweed? 5 Reasons You Should Start Now!

- 13th December 2016
Eating Seaweed

Miry waxy plants in an ocean – could be the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear about seaweed. But, slimy reputation aside, seaweed is the super food of the sea and there are many ways to make it appetizing. A powerhouse of nutrients – iron, fibers, iodine, minerals, vitamins, amino acids – seaweed is a wholesome food for the body. It is also considered as the most nutritious vegetable in the world. So, if you are not consuming seaweed yet, here are five reasons why you should start now:

 1. Boost immunity


Being a good source of zinc and antioxidants, seaweed helps to strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of illness and infection. Seaweed also contains fucoidan, a compound with several cancer-fighting properties that can protect against cell damage, fight viruses and ward off infection.

 2. Upkeep thyroid health


Iodine is essential to maintain healthy functioning of the thyroid. And it is plenty in seaweed. Consumption of seaweed can upkeep your thyroid, regulate hormones, and keep your weight under control.

3. Have a healthy heart

Heart Health

To keep cholesterol under control and to have a healthy heart, you need three nutrients – fiber, protein, and fatty acids – and seaweed is the storehouse of all! Aside from these nutrients, seaweed also contains polysaccharides that help in preventing blood clots.

4. Regulate blood sugar levels and blood pressure


Chromium and protein in seaweed help normalize blood sugar levels. It also helps in the treatment of medical conditions such as diabetes. The potassium content in seaweed helps in preventing high blood pressure.

5. Look radiant

look radiant

The abundance of vitamins, minerals such as zinc, magnesium, omegas, amino acids, and antioxidants makes seaweed a wonderful food for your hair, skin, and nails. Seaweed boosts detoxification and its anti-ageing properties will make you look beautiful and radiant. A food that your skin will love!

With so many benefits in the offering, don’t you think it is worth to include this wonder food – seaweed, in your daily diet?




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Have You Been Eating Seaweed? 5 Reasons You Should Start Now!
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Have You Been Eating Seaweed? 5 Reasons You Should Start Now!