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Harry Potter Yoga Exists And It’s Truly Magical!

- 15th November 2016

Imagine if with just a flick of a wand, you could cast a spell, and get yourself back into shape. Or maybe brew up a potion that magically burns away all the calories. Unfortunately, we’re all Muggles; which means we have to do all the things the ordinary way. Boring, right? Not anymore.

Because even if we didn’t get our Hogwarts letter, there’s no reason we can’t use our Yoga classes to take a trip into the Wizarding World!

That’s exactly what Isabel Beltran is doing in Austin, Texas. The young yoga instructor has transformed her weekly Yoga class into a 60-minute broom-ride into the world of Harry Potter. Her unique way of combining the healthy aspects of Yoga with the fun elements of Harry Potter has cast a spell all over the globe.

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Your typical Harry-Potter Yoga class starts with everyone getting a wand (which you can take back home), because of course, there’s no magic without a wand! The usual Suryanamaskar takes a rather unusual twist, by paying homage to the Order of the Phoenix along with the sun god.

The Vriksasana or the tree pose gets christened the Whomping Willow, which has to be done while by holding your wand over your head. With the Marjariasana or the cat stretch, you get a chance to try your hand at Transfiguration, as you try to channel Professor McGonnagall’s ability to transfigure into a cat.

With each passing asana, you can’t help but marvel at how well ‘Witchcraft’ goes with Yoga concepts. One example is recollecting your happiest memories while chanting Expecto Patronum; an exercise that relaxes your mind, and floods it with happiness and positivity.

As the final act, everybody is made to perform the savasana, where you lie peacefully on your back and meditate to the narration of the ‘Tale Of The Three Brothers’, and Dumbledore’s speech

“Do not pity the dead, Harry. Pity the living, and, above all, those who live without love,”.

It seems Yoga will never be the same!

For Yoga is all about flow, movement, and meditation. By combining it with the world of Harry Potter, it takes an exciting new form, and a chance to relive the action of the Wizarding World in a healthy way. So the next time someone asks the secret to your good health, tell them it’s magic! You won’t be wrong.

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Harry Potter Yoga Exists And It’s Truly Magical!
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Harry Potter Yoga Exists And It's Truly Magical!