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Got A Face Carpet? Keep It , It’s Healthy & Gorgeous.

- 8th December 2016
benefits of keeping beard

A beard not only makes you look masculine but also makes you healthier. No doubt a beard also has many drawbacks like itchiness and a constant maintenance regime that comes with it. But you know what? The health advantages overweigh the disadvantages in many ways. Let’s find out more, shall we?


Beards protect you from the sun.


Yes, that’s true. Beards can block 95% of sun’s damaging rays. Also, the sun makes your skin leathery and more prone to wrinkles. Your face is most exposed to UV rays while the rest of your body is protected by the clothes you wear. The beard protects your skin and therefore reducing the risk of skin cancer as well.


Beards work like the tiny hair in your nostrils.


Just like your nose hair which prevents dust from entering, the beard does something similar. It protects you from skin allergies by acting like a filter. This filter mechanism keeps those allergens away from your facial skin. You beard also helps in keeping away dust particles from entering your mouth.


Shave your beard only when it’s required.


The more you shave the more your skin gets damaged. You start getting blemishes from cuts and dings. This makes your skin feel rough and not at all smooth. Moral of the story? Stop shaving.


Retain skin moisture, you beard is the key.


Shaving makes you skin exposed to the dry, cold, or hot weather. This makes your skin dry and in turn, you have to resort to moisturizing creams. Instead grow a beard. It will protect your skin and retain its moisture.

Feel younger with younger skin. It’s the beard formula.


However, a beard makes you look old but keeps your skin younger. This happens since your face is protected from sun blemishes, your skin automatically feels younger.


Beards fight infection too.


Those who shave regularly are more prone to infections and rashes. When you don’t have to shave, the facial hair acts like a protective blanket, keeping your skin in great condition.

So there you have it, a beard will not only make you look gorgeous but will keep you facial skin younger and smooth. You bring out the hipster or the lumberjack look and feel healthier with your face carpet.



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Got A Face Carpet? Keep It , It’s Healthy & Gorgeous.
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Got A Face Carpet? Keep It , It’s Healthy & Gorgeous.