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Everything You Need to Know About Working Out During Pregnancy

- 8th December 2016
Working out during pregnancy

A common myth that’s still prevalent today is that pregnant women shouldn’t work out. However, medical science has proved that working out during pregnancy could mean more health to the baby and the mother. The body of a woman changes during pregnancy. Therefore, it is highly essential to stay fit and keep the baby safe. All it requires is a bit of small but crucial adjustments in the lifestyle. Let us check out a few exercises and facts about working out during pregnancy which could help you lead a better life during those crucial months.

Yes to Cardio


You don’t have to give up doing cardio exercises like jogging and dancing. Doctors advise women to continue doing the same exercises that they used to do before they got pregnant. All you need to do is ease a bit. You just have to slow down a bit while walking or jogging and make sure that you can talk out loud when midway in your cardio regime.

 Let your Heart Beat Above 140 Beats Per Minute


Earlier it was believed that rapid heart rate could impair the blood flow to your uterus and thus harm your pregnancy. The recommended heart rate was 140 beats per minute till 2010. However, with the advancement of medical science, it has been proved that the limit on heart rate should be based on age and fitness levels. So, doctors advise keeping taking the talk test during exercises.

Avoid Hot Yoga


You wouldn’t want to cause any harm to your growing baby. So it is better to avoid hot yoga or too much heat exposure in the sun as high temperatures are not favorable for the fetus. It’s important to cool down your body between each set of exercise. This would be more effective for your body and also ensure a healthier pregnancy.

You Could Start Afresh


Oops! You never worked out before pregnancy? There could never be a better time to start! It is important to get an appointment with a prenatal certified trainer for advice on staying fit. You could just start with low-impact exercises like walking, swimming and yoga. It is always advisable to seek medical attention before starting a new regime during your pregnancy.

Your Baby Would be Absolutely Fine If You Exercise


Some people believe that exercising during pregnancy could give jerks to the baby in the fetus. Biology has the explanation to this. The fetus is ensconced in the placenta, uterus, and the abdominal walls. It is well-cushioned there and is absolutely safe. So, you do not have to worry about its safety.

Lift That Weight


During pregnancy, you are not supposed to lift heavy weights (more than 50 pounds) as they would put pressure on the pelvic floor. However, you can lift lighter weights you are comfortable with. This would also make you ready for lifting your baby for the months to come. Nice hack, isn’t it?

Working Out Helps You Be Peaceful


Working out not only limits the chances of weight gain during pregnancy, but also reduces the risk of C-section, gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure. It relaxes your mind, helps control the mood swings and helps you feel normal and calm. There could be nothing you want more than a smooth pregnancy. Isn’t it?

So, celebrate the good news with health, peace, healthy diet and exercise. After all, this is the best phase of your life! Happy “Mommying!”


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Everything You Need to Know About Working Out During Pregnancy
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Everything You Need to Know About Working Out During Pregnancy