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Do You Know When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?

- 13th February 2017
Do You Know When The Best Time To Get Pregnant Is?

You may have heard them say that your biological clock is ticking and you better get your oven heated up to hold your bun in there, but it really isn’t that simple is it. The more you are under pressure, the more delayed the process is likely to get. So, does trying to conceive mean you need to have sex everyday? No, it doesn’t. There are some most likely days that up your chances of getting a baby and the others, just have some sex anyways. So, here is a little guide from us to help you plan the pregnancy better.

1. Know your cycle

Know your cycle

If you were always a person who could never keep a tab of your monthly cycle dates, it is about time to get you act together and make a note of those dates. This is crucial to know your ovulation chart. For most women ovulation normally occurs about 14 days prior to their next cycle date.

2. When you are most relaxed

When you are most relaxed

If you have sex with the pressure of conceiving you are not quite likely to conceive even if the time is right. It is not about science for this one but about knowing your body right. Your body is less likely to accept a pregnancy when put under the stress or pressure. Rather a relaxed mind or body is more susceptible to accepting the sperm and increasing the chances of pregnancy.

3. Get your hormones checked

 Get your hormones checked

If you have been trying to conceive for long but aren’t successful, you should perhaps get a hormonal check up done so as to know if any hormonal imbalances could be triggering late conception in you. Hormones play a crucial role in not only planning but also sustaining a healthy pregnancy.

Try online pregnancy calculators to know when you are ovulating. While these tests and calculators are correct to a large extent sometime they may even turn faulty. So trust your instincts and keep trying until you get there.

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Do You Know When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?
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Do You Know When Is The Best Time To Get Pregnant?