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Do You Know What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy?

- 4th April 2017
Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy and its signs are a much-discussed topic. The severity, with which a woman faces the signs and symptoms of pregnancy vary. While some may start feeling early signs of pregnancy in the 1st week itself, there are others who may not feel these signs almost up to a month of pregnancy.

Here are some of the earliest signs of pregnancy that you will start noticing as early as the first month.

1. Early Cramping In Pregnancy:

Pregnancy Symptoms

As soon as the conception occurs, the fertilized egg attaches itself to the lining of the uterus which often leads to the first signs of pregnancy, ie cramping, and spotting. This early cramping may be similar to cramps you get during your periods.

2. Tenderness In The Breasts:

Pregnancy Symptoms

Changes in the breasts are one of the common signs of pregnancy which usually settles down as the pregnancy grows. Some women feel immense tenderness in the breasts causing them to get swollen or sore. The area around the nipples called the areola may also begin to darken.

3. Fatigue:


Do you feel like you have the lesser energy to carry out the normal chores that you normally did with ease? It could very well be an early sign of pregnancy. As the pregnancy grows week by week, it is important that you concentrate on what you eat and how much you eat since fatigue and tiredness may be a part of you for the remaining few months of pregnancy.

4. Nausea:

Pregnancy Symptoms

A feeling of sickness accompanied with nausea and vomiting are among the signs of pregnancy in the first month. Often seen in the morning for most women, it may continue through the day for the others.

5. Missed Periods:

Pregnancy Symptoms

One of the strongest indicators for you to go take that pregnancy test is missing your periods. Not all missed periods may be signs of pregnancy. Sometimes, missed periods may also be due to other reasons like hormonal changes, stress, weight gain and so on.

6. Frequent Urination:

Pregnant Before You Hit 30

Have you been visiting the restroom more often than what you used to? It could be an early sign of pregnancy. Mostly this starts around the sixth to eighth weeks of pregnancy as there is a certain pressure built up around the urinary tract.


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Do You Know What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy?
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Do You Know What Are The Symptoms Of Pregnancy?