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Is Circumcision Necessary And Healthy?

- 16th February 2017
Is Circumcision Necessary And Healthy?

Circumcision has always been a topic of debate with a few strongly seconding it while some find it unnecessary. While some religious significance has been attached to circumcision, sometimes medically also it may be required. For a number of adults, circumcision is recommended as a part of medical procedures to treat certain disease related to the male genitals. Whatever are your reasons for circumcision, here are a few reasons to know whether it is necessary or not:

1. Better Hygiene

Circumcision makes it easier for men to maintain hygiene and keep the penis clean which in turn helps in preventing a number of infections. Uncircumcised men may not retract the foreskin and clean it thoroughly after urinating or after sex. With circumcision, this hygiene maintenance becomes much easier.

2. Prevention of Urinary Tract Infections

According to certain research conducted, uncircumcised boys have more chances of developing UTI in comparison to boys to have been circumcised. This is because there are higher chances of bacteria build up under the foreskin that is easily spread to the urinary tract leading to complications.

3. Prevention of STDs

Men who have been circumcised have a reduced risk of acquiring various STDs including genital herpes, This is mainly because after circumcision it becomes hard for the bacteria to live in the pe-nis and hence prevents the occurrence of diseases to be transmitted during sex. Certain studies have also revealed that circumcision can help in dealing with severe infections like HIV/AIDS.

4. Prevents Phimosis

Phimosis is a condition found in men that makes it difficult for the foreskin in the penis to be retracted. Phimosis is a condition that can be avoided and is often a reason for adult circumcision.

Although circumcision is a safe procedure, there are certain risks involved such as pain, bleeding, irritation or any form of injury. Before signing up for the procedure it is important to weigh the pros and cons so as to avoid any future complications arising from the procedure.

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Is Circumcision Necessary And Healthy?


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