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Caring for your hair after a transplant

- 27th February 2019

If you’ve recently had a hair transplant or you are looking into beginning your journey with one of the best hair transplant clinics, you may be thinking about ways you can keep your hair looking healthy for as long as possible. Transplanted hair works exactly the same as normal hair – it needs to be nourished and looked after in order to keep it in prime condition. Here are our suggestions for shiny, healthy hair.

1) Invest in a hair boosting serum

Serums are a brilliant way to keep hair looking denser, fuller and healthier. Certain ingredients are particularly attributed to hair maintenance. Caffeine combats a hormone called DHT, which causes hair loss, and encourages blood flow to the scalp to encourage hair to grow. Rosemary oil is also great for healthy hair (and will make hair smell fantastic) while argan oil works to both strengthen and renew the cell structure of hair to restore shine and increase its strength.

2) Enhance your hair with natural supplements


A lack of essential vitamins and minerals in your diet can result in lacklustre hair, or even increase the chances of further hair loss. Vitamin D is found in healthy hair follicles and it can be hard to get enough of it, especially in the winter, as it’s normally absorbed into the body through sunlight. Therefore, supplements will help keep the root of the hair healthy. Vitamins C and E are also great as they improve blood circulation to the scalp, ensuring hair can continue to grow. Iron and zinc are also credited with increasing blood flow to the scalp and reinforcing hair strength. A good multi-vitamin or hair-focused vitamin should contain all of these and will start to improve the appearance of your locks with regular use.

3) Change up your shower routine

Did you know that hot showers can leave your hair looking and feeling dry and brittle? As good as hot showers feel, they can strip away the essential oils that your hair needs. Instead, turn the temperature down and try showering in lukewarm water instead. This keeps those oils locked in and will mean you don’t have to wash your hair as frequently as you were. Your energy bill will thank you as much as your hair.

4) Invest in a silk pillowcase

As well as feeling great against your skin, sleeping with a silk pillowcase can have a positive effect on your hair. Silk pillowcases reduce friction – friction can cause hair to split, become brittle or even be pulled out. Also, instead of waking up with hair which can look like you’ve shaken hands with an electric eel, you’ll wake up with smoother, more manageable hair.

So that’s four ways you can maintain healthy looking hair post transplant and ensure your locks look as good as they feel.

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Caring for your hair after a transplant
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Caring for your hair after a transplant