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Beating The Odds – A Cancer Survivor’s Story

- 4th February 2017

“A positive mindset helped me fight this battle” – Asha Ajila

The first step of my long and tough journey began through my prior knowledge about breast cancer. I was deeply saddened when my sister had lost her life to this deadly disease. That period was very hard for my family.

I was always alert and did regular self-checks as I was more prone due to losing my sister to it. During one such check, I found a lump in my one of my breasts. Using all the information from my sister’s experience, I went to get it checked immediately.

In 2002, during a visit to an oncologist in Mumbai, doctors detected a tumor. It was at an early stage when detected. But this was an aggressive form of cancer and I had to get a mastectomy done the very next day. After I recovered from the surgery I started chemotherapy.

At this point I was missing my family a lot, then I decided to continue my treatment at Manipal Hospitals in Bangalore. The support of my sons and their families along with a strong positive mindset made my battle easier. Another important factor which helped in my recovery was nutritious diets that included a lot of fish and other high protein based foods.

I had to have up to 8 chemotherapy sessions to help me win this battle. Being focused & strong willed is what helped the most during this turmoil. I am now cancer free, happier and much stronger!

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Beating The Odds – A Cancer Survivor’s Story
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Beating The Odds - A Cancer Survivor's Story