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Avoid These 5 Foods If You Want To Lose Weight

- 29th November 2016
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Diet is an important part of any weight loss program. A healthy diet plan focuses on eating the right foods which do not compromise on the essential nutrients. While eating right is important it is equally crucial to stay away from the foods that could deviate you from your weight loss goals. Basic principles of dieting require you to refrain from the basic diet enemies i.e fried, carbs and sugar.

Before you jump to your diet, clear your fridge and pantry from the unhealthy foods that could lead to temptations. Here are 5 foods you certainly need to avoid to stay focused on your weight loss path.

1. Aerated Drinks And Soda


Aerated drinks can take away your weight loss goals in a mere frizz. Aerated drinks contain a lot of sugar and are high on calories. A can of soft drink has about 150 calories, 40 gms sugar and 0 percent nutrition. In fact the excess sugar in the soda, does not even help in quenching thirst. When on a diet, quench your thirst with a glass of chilled water, freshly squeezed lime juice or an unsweetened fresh fruit juice.

2.White Bread


White bread is almost a staple breakfast for most of us, but it is a strict no when you are on a diet. White bread contains sugar and is low on fiber and nutritional content. The biggest negative that comes with white bread is that white bread cannot keep you full and satisfied for a long time, resulting in more craving for food. A healthier option for white bread is whole wheat bread that is rich in fiber and helps you stay full for longer.

3. Fried Foods


Fried foods are a strict no when it comes to weight loss. Apart from adding on the calories and providing zero nutritional value, fried foods are also the root cause of many health issues including high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Fried foods are harmful for the digestive system causing upset stomach, discomfort, acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome. Baked and grilled foods are healthier alternatives to fried foods.

4. White Rice


White rice is a source of pure carbohydrates which every dieter needs to avoid. White rice is just like white bread and contains high amounts of sugar. While most people consider rice to be healthy, white rice makes the body store excess fat making it more difficult to lose weight. Healthier alternative to white rice is brown rice that is rich in fiber and keeps you full and satisfied for longer.

5. Ice Creams And Chocolates


Well, this is no rocket science, but an obvious decision you would have to make. Losing weight does mean saying goodbye to your favorite ice creams and chocolates. Sad but the truth is that ice creams are loaded with calories. Frequent indulgence in ice creams and chocolates causes an increase in blood sugar levels, weight gain in the long run, inflammation thought the body. Instead of loaded ice creams and chocolates, switch to fresh fruits or low fat yogurt to satisfy your sweet cravings. You can also try and blend your own banana ice cream using some low fat milk and fresh bananas.

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Avoid These 5 Foods If You Want To Lose Weight
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Avoid These 5 Foods If You Want To Lose Weight