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9 Super-Fit Indian Women Instagrammers Who Will Motivate You To Workout

- 7th March 2017

1. Bani J 

This ex- MTV roadies and Bigg Boss contestant follows a strict diet and workout regime. She is outspoken, has strong opinions, and never fails to inspire women to hit the gym or start eating healthy with her workout and meal videos and pictures.


2. Nidhi Mohan Kamal

She is the best person to follow if you don’t want crash diet & follow a diet that is tasty yet healthy. Nidhi is a weight loss, fitness, nutrition and health expert. Her fitness and diet pictures, videos are surely going to motivate you to eat healthy and stay healthy.

A lot of you girls have been asking me to put my #upperbody #biceps routine 👯👯👯 there are no videos coz . A. The #gym is supercrowded , i went in afternoon to shoot this one too. Stupid #fitnessfirst B. No tripods are allowed 😒😒 still mananged to get some footage because. i am #dakku from #Chandigarh 😂😂😂 . My #mantra is to keep it simple #pushups #chinups #diamondpushups or #medicineball pushups or #handstandpushups 💪💪💪 anywhere anytime no equipment workout and best results with this #compoundworkout ❤❤❤ no fuss at all. Do try and let me know . chinups are most fun 🐒🐒🐒 i wish i had a better video … Ok bye #desimuscles . #puma #pumawomen #workoutvideo #punjabi #girlchinups #pullups #bicepsecrets

A post shared by Nidhi Mohan Kamal (@nidhimohankamal) on


  3. Harj Hadani

This fitness mom is surely going to inspire you to stay fit while you run around your kids. She is a certified sports nutritionist and a fitness trainer.


4. Nikita George 

This sweet girl next door shows her journey to the lean fit body that she has achieved through her hard work. Her videos and pictures are your cuppa of motivation to stay fit.


5. Sonali Swami

This mom of two is the winner of muscle mania and fit factor. Her Instagram posts are full of motivational pictures to stay fit and healthy.

Hey you GORGEOUS MOMMIES!!!! 💁 ________________________________________________________ Small goals each day will help you stay motivated. The best way to do this is to create daily nutrition and workout goals. 👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼Try working out at home. Do it before your kids wake up, while they’re at school or whenever you get free time… 👉🏼 Hold yourself accountable to your goals by telling other people about them. A good support system works wonders😊👍 ——————————————— Keep an exercise and food journal so you’re more aware of your eating and fitness habits. Don’t just measure your progress by kgs lost rather Measure it through energy level, inches lost, and how your clothes fit ..Yupppp!!! Clothes won’t lie 😊 Track these small accomplishments in your journal. ———————————————- WE CAN DO THIS 😊👍👍 You and I ❤️ __________________________________________________ #FITMOM #FITAT41 #ITSNEVERTOOLATE #MOMMIESROCK #FMN #fixmynutrition #BANGLORE #FITNESS #HEALTH

A post shared by Sonali Swami (@sonali_swami) on


6. Yasmin Karachiwala

If you cannot help but ogle at Deepika’s perfect frame in a red sheath gown, Yasmin will tell you that she worked out her back and butt on the morning of the photo shoot. Yasmin is a celebrity fitness trainer and the proud owner of body image. Her posts will inspire you to workout with the stars and feel like a star.


7. Deepika Mehta

She adopted the age old Indian routine of yoga to fight her near-death mountaineering accident when doctors gave up on her to ever stand or walk on her feet. Her Instagram handle is your daily dose of inspiration and belief in the power of yoga.


8. Shweta Mehta

Being a Bikini Athlete means to combine fitness with a figure. Shweta Mehta is just that. The Jerai Women’s Physique 2016 winner posts her workout pics and videos to inspire you. She dispels boring routines and adds fun to all her workouts.


9. Namrata Purohit

She is the youngest trained Stott Pilates instructor in the world, who wrote her first book titled ‘The Lazy Girls Guide to Being Fit’, at the age 21. She shares a glimpse of intensive pilates workouts with celebrities whilst imparting knowledge.

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9 Super-Fit Indian Women Instagrammers Who Will Motivate You To Workout
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9 Super-Fit Indian Women Instagrammers Who Will Motivate You To Workout