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8 Things Women Observe About You In Bed That You Probably Didn’t Realize!

- 24th April 2017
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Women have special observation abilities. I mean this in the most exceptional way that could possibly be. She may never admit to that thing she saw you subtly do that nobody else saw, or that habit that you have which you most likely didn’t realize about yourself. She observes and she knows you.

Similarly, while having sex, she subliminally is making a note of the things you do to her while in bed. You would not understand it; it resembles an intuition that they have. Furthermore, just to give you a summary of everything, here are the things women see about men while engaging in sexual relations:

1. The Shape of Your Body


The way your muscles fix and unwind under her touch; the way your trunk prompts your stomach to your pelvis to your thighs to the shape and firmness of your derriere. In the event that she closes our eyes, she can, in any case, feel each smooth, harsh, wounded, consumed, scarred and dimpled twist and edge on your body.

2. The Way You Breathe

Men and Women Relationship

The sound, the pace, that modest little change in the way you inhale when you enter, or when you’re kissed or in the event that she accomplishes something totally mind blowing with her fingers. She can judge by the way you inhale, regardless of whether you’re at the time, in us, in your mind, or in path over it.

3. The Way Your Tongue Feels

Sex and Relationship

The thing with tongues is that they taste distinctive for each individual and they feel different as shell. Some are coarse; some are not all that coarse and some are oddly smooth (it’s somewhat bizarre yet, it doesn’t mind that). She sees these things. She likewise sees the way your tongue moves inside—the size, the pace, the weight, the style—each ridiculous thing. She sees the way your tongue reacts to us and the way it leads the pack. She could become hopelessly enamored with simply your tongue… no joking there.

4. The Way Your Fingers Work

Sex and Relationship

And additionally the agility of them, the shape and length, the holes in them, regardless of whether she enjoys how you run them over her skin, the way they stroke each curve and break on her body, the way the nails are formed and regardless of whether they dive into our skin and regardless of whether you’re moving them the correct way.

5. The Weight Of Your Body

Sex and Relationship

Also, honestly, the heavier you feel on top of her, the more she cherishes it. It gives her the inclination that you can bind her fair with the heaviness of your body. She enjoys that at that time, she’s so vulnerable in light of the weight you put on her. It unusually makes her vibe lighter than at any other time, similar to the heaviness of everything and whatever else doesn’t make a difference at that time. She prefers that you’re solid and strong and that she can lay everything on you while you lay everything on her.

6. The Way You Taste


Umm not only that way! Likewise, the way your skin, your lips, your tongue, your tears (it happens, don’t flinch) and everything else that is yours tastes. It resembles an instinctual thing for us to remember the way you smell and taste—in the most ideal way that is available. It could be a musky, yet salty taste; or it could be concealing by this freshness relying upon how as of late you cleaned up, or splashed an aroma on your body. She takes everything in through her nose, her taste buds, her olfactory sense and her cerebrum.

7. The Way You Sound

Sex and Relationship

Not exactly when you moan, but rather when you talk between wheezing for breath, when you whisper delicately either in light of the fact that you need to remain noiseless or on the grounds that the moment requires for you to talk sufficiently only for her to tune in; the way you sound when you’re smothering the moan and when you’re reacting to something she says howsoever are really centered more around the way she makes you feel. The way you sound when you’re grinning and she can detect it.

8. The Way You Look

Love and Relationship

By look, I mean the way you take a glance at her while you’re without giving it much thought, the posher of it, the solidarity of it, the feeling and the gravity of the way you take a look at her—she sees every last bit of it. In any case, likewise the way you look, when you take a look at her. She sees it enough to subliminally enroll it in her cerebrum and be helped to remember it once in a while when nobody is looking, or when her eyes are shut.

8 Things Women Observe About You In Bed That You Probably Didn’t Realize!
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8 Things Women Observe About You In Bed That You Probably Didn't Realize!