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8 Factors That Negatively Affect Your Baby’s Health

- 24th October 2016
Baby's Health

Having a baby is a happy occasion. We also want our babies to be healthy. But many young women do not pay attention to their nutritional needs and have a poor health habit which in turn affects the baby’s health. Many of us may not realize that we are the single most important factor influencing our baby’s healthy development.

Have a look at the factors that may affect your baby’s health


Although not directly, smoking can indirectly affect your baby’s health. It contributes to several newborn complications. It is like a slow poison. If you are habituated to smoking, especially during pregnancy, then your child is at risk of developing:

  • Low birth weight
  • Breathing and heart problems
  • Colic (episodes of crying for more than 2 to 3 hours)
  • Sudden infant death syndrome
  • Possibility of dying within the first year of life

It is also proved that the baby born may be obese and three times more likely to develop diabetes. It is also important to avoid secondhand smoke as it can also affect the fetus.


Many of you might be thinking that moderate alcohol consumption during pregnancy is fine. But some experts say that even one drink might damage your baby’s health. Chronic alcohol abuse can lead to fetal alcohol syndrome disorder. Your drinking habits might increase your child’s risk of developing alcohol addiction as a young adult and leads to developmental problems.


When you get confirmed of being pregnant, you start worrying about your health, food habits, and the medications you have taken, etc. This is the right time to consult your doctor about your prescriptions and the over-the-counter medications. You should avoid taking the medications that affect your baby’s health. Some of the examples of such drugs are given below:

  • Paroxetine can double the heart rate of your baby
  • Street drugs may lead to developmental problems
  • Ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin cause certain heart defects

Physical activity

Moderate exercise during pregnancy can improve overall health. It can improve your mental well-being and also increases oxygen availability to the fetus. Performing exercises such as walking, yoga, and swimming would be beneficial.

Junk foods and nutritional foods

The smart choice of foods during pregnancy can affect the physical and mental development of your baby for years to come. When you eat foods rich in fats and sugars, this puts your baby at risk. If you consume foods containing less iron, your baby may have iron deficiency. So, avoid eating junk foods and consume high nutritious food to preserve your baby’s future health.

Common toxic chemicals

Harmful substances from the environment can easily get into your skin. Environmental experts say that some common household solvents, hazardous supplies and indoor and outdoor pesticides may affect the baby’s health. It was also proved that diseases, birth defects, and learning disabilities are caused by the chemicals found at home. So protect yourself and your baby from these chemicals by choosing natural cleaning supplies and ventilate the house by opening the windows for a while during the day time.


Stress is a silent killer and also one of the major factors that affect your baby’s health. Stress during pregnancy may put your baby at the risk for childhood emotional, physical, and behavioral problems. Stress may impair your baby’s brain development. Practice meditation and yoga to overcome stress.


Gestational diabetes is one of the risk factors for pregnant women who are obese. Being obese can affect your baby’s future health as there is a chance of developing diabetes or obesity in the newborn.

The baby’s health is in your hands. Changes that you make today can give your baby a healthy tomorrow. The best way to keep your baby healthy is by keeping yourself healthy and by avoiding all these risk factors.

8 Factors That Negatively Affect Your Baby’s Health
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