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7 Tips To Make Traveling With Infants And Children A Breeze!

- 10th March 2017

If you’re planning on traveling with a baby or young children and are worried about the logistics of getting from one place to another, with your kids in tow, simply continue reading to discover 7 handy tips which will make traveling as a family a breeze.

7 tips to make traveling with infants and children a breeze:

1. Pack a tablet, which is preloaded with your child’s favorite TV shows and games


To prevent your children from becoming bored on a long journey, you may want to pack a tablet which you’ve preloaded with your children’s favorite TV shows. As an example, if you’re the proud parent of a toddler, you may want to download TV shows like Baby Einstein, Sesame Street, and Peppa Pig. If you have children, who are slightly older, you may want to download a few child-friendly games for your child to play, during lengthy plane and car trips.

2. Give your child a camera, so that they can capture their favorite memories


Why not gift your child an inexpensive camera, which they can use to take photographs of all of the interesting sites, which they’ll see on your adventure. If your child is interested in keeping a travel journal, you may want to consider purchasing a polaroid camera, so that your child can stick their favorite snaps into their travel journey.

3. Make sure to visit your local doctor in advance and to pack any medical supplies, which you may need


If you plan on visiting a foreign country, it’s essential to visit your doctor, before embarking on your trip. As both you and your children may need to be immunized against foreign diseases. If any of your children take prescription medication, it’s also worth asking your doctor for an extra prescription as you may not be able to pick up certain medications overseas.

Also make sure to pack a first aid kit, which contains handy medical supplies such as band-aids, gauze tape, and antiseptic wipes. As if your child gets a scrape or cut, you’ll be able to attend to their injury, straight away.

4. If you have space, ensure to pack child-friendly snacks, toys, and books


If you have space in your carry-on bag or day pack, it pays to pack a variety of snacks, toys, and books. That way you won’t have to worry about finding suitable food for your hungry child when you’re roaming an unfamiliar country. After all, whilst some children are keen to try exotic foods, others are more comfortable sticking to their favorite foods from home.

Packing books and toys is also advisable as they’ll keep your child entertained on trains, planes, and car rides. After all, if your child grows restless, they may become irritable and difficult to manage.

5. Never seat your child in an aisle seat 


Whether you plan on traveling by plane, or by train or bus, never make the mistake of seating your child in an aisle seat. As your child may accidentally getting bumped by a food cart or another passenger. After all, small children often like to reach out and touch things around them. Instead, make sure that you’re seated in the aisle seat.

6. Opt for cloth diapers



If you’re looking for a travel-friendly diapering option, ensure to opt for cloth diapers. As they can be reused countless times, unlike disposable diapers. After all, you don’t want to be stuck in an unfamiliar location, without clean diapers. As it may take you awhile to find a grocery store. If you choose cloth diapers for traveling and are wondering about the number of cloth diapers, which you should pack. It’s advisable to pack six cloth diapers, which should last two days.

7. Wear comfortable slip-on shoes


As you may have to take your shoes off each time you pass through security in an airport, it’s advisable to opt for comfortable, slip on shoes. After all, the last thing you want to do is to bend down to untie your shoe laces, whilst carrying a baby and a carry on bag. Just ensure that you can comfortably walk several miles, in the shoes which you choose as you’ll be likely to cover a few miles, traveling from a place to another.

Contrary to popular belief, traveling with your children doesn’t have to be a mission. So, if you plan on traveling with a baby or young children in the near future, simply refer back to this handy article to discover how to take the stress out of traveling.

Author Bio: I’m Aliza Sartor, a mom of two children, founder of  I love reading, cooking and doing meditation. To become an intelligence mom is not easy, I rely on the support of other blogging moms like me to help along the way. You can read more of my writing at

7 Tips To Make Traveling With Infants And Children A Breeze!
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