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7 Signs That Show You Are In A Bad Relationship

- 27th October 2016
Signs shows bad relationship

It is said that relationships are made in heaven, but we often forget that so are thunder and lighting. When you first met each other, it seemed so magical– maybe he appeared confident, charming and intelligent (in an intriguing way, though). Or when you first met her, she seemed mysterious and unpredictable, which attracted you more towards her. The true colors of relationships are uncovered when you get over the first meet, first kiss or first step you have taken together. With time two people get comfortable in a relationship and everyone reveals their real faces. Love-hate relationships seem amusing and even dreamy in the movies. But life is crueler than anything else. Once you get involved with complicated people, you’ll keep guessing yourself constantly and question your sanity whenever you try to solve any problems. It’s even more challenging when you’re married to one!

1.  You are not comfortable with your partner anymore.


Yes, it takes a while to get comfortable with your partner. Initially, we all feel eager and anxious to impress our partner as soon as we start dating. But with time, we develop some degrees of comfort with them. A 2015 UK survey on 2000 couples showed that those who had long-lasting, successful relationships felt comfortable enough around each other to do things like speak about their past or about their farts! And if you have been dating your partner for months now and still don’t feel enough comfort for to speak freely or you need to check each circumstance before opening your mouth, you might just be in a bad relationship and just not perfect for each other.

2.  Extreme possessiveness!

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A little jealousy proves that your partner loves you and cares for you. Or does it? If your partner tries to isolate you from your friends or family and cites jealousy, be sure that this possessiveness is not good at all. He/she is trying to control you in every way possible, and surely that is one of the biggest signs of a toxic relationship.

3.  The blame game is on!

couple pointing fingers at each other, conflict

Whenever your partner is happy or sad, they link you to their negative moods. They blame all emotional turmoil on you. Whether you are even involved or not, they will blame you for their terrible life or their sadness. It is high time to rethink your relationship decisions once you notice this pattern.

4.  Lying : via omission or outright.

No, I’m not talking about cheating here. I’m talking about the truth. If you find yourself consistently hiding details of time spent with your friends or family and other facts which you should have told your partner, ask yourself why. Do they not make you feel comfortable enough? The omission of truth worsens just about any relationship.

5.  No communication.


Another big sign of a bad relationship is no communication with your partner. Do you go on dates and not talk with your partner for hours? Or does it feel that there is nothing to be talked about? Surely that is not a relationship, then. That is just the start of a bad relationship, and one should get out of it.

6.  Less physical attraction.

Sex is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. And if you don’t feel emotionally and physically attracted to your partner while having sex, be sure that this relationship has issues which may or may not be worked out. Sex should be the icing on the cake and complement a strong, intimate bond between you and your partner.

7.  No place for compromise.

Compromise is a big part of any relationship, whether romantic or platonic. If your ego clashes in between your compromises and your partner always reminds you of all the sacrifices he/she has made for you, it will be emotionally exhausting for you and cause a big strain on the relationship.

The uplifting news is you can realize the shortcomings in the relationship and not blame it solely on yourself or your partner. The bad news is that, when you and a partner are essentially mismatched, there isn’t generally any approach to change or accommodate this – the best thing to do is, for the most part, to understand what is healthy and what is not, and to get out as sympathetically as can reasonably be expected.

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7 Signs That Show You Are In A Bad Relationship
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7 Signs That Show You Are In A Bad Relationship