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7 REAL Pro Parenting Tips!

- 30th December 2016

When it comes to molding your child’s behavior and personality, being proactive works better than being reactive. With repeated reactions, the little one’s mind slowly drowns into the vicious circle of fear, forming lasting bad habits. Here are 7 tried and tested parenting tips to make you the ‘Proactive parent’.

1. Handle your child’s cravings like a pro


Hide the junk food in secret places instead of saying an NO directly on your child’s face. Negativity makes a child stubborn.

2. Change their bath time to fun time


Little children don’t always need a forceful bath. You can make it fun by trying out sponge bathing for some days, especially for winters.

3. Asking for help doesn’t make you a bad parent


Getting a babysitter so you can go to the movies without kids is worth every penny. Don’t feel bad about it.

4. Don’t overwork yourself in the name of perfection


If your child wets the bed, just change them and throw down a towel. You need to sleep as much as your baby does.

5. Let them listen to you before you do the same


To do whatever is best for your little one, you must convince them of unconditional love and a little bit of cleverness. So, next time your child asks for dessert, tell him he must finish the fruits or vegetables before that.

6. Wet wipes are your Swiss knives


When around a child, always keep the wet wipes handy. They can be useful any time of the day.

7. A little bribe hurts no one


Cleaning the room, having a bath or drinking milk, all these tough jobs can be a cakewalk for you with chocolates, trips or extended TV time in exchange.


7 REAL Pro Parenting Tips!
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