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6 Tips To Help You Cross The First Trimester Mark

- 23rd November 2016
First Trimester

The first trimester of a pregnancy consists of the first three months of a nine-month long roller coaster ride that is to follow. It is more difficult than the second and third trimester because of many reasons. One of them being, in the beginning, the baby bump confuses the woman, and tricks her brain into thinking that she is on her way to becoming fat.

In short, the first trimester is a battle with the body, which is changing by every passing minute, and the mind which is at the mercy of high levels of hormonal activity. Both, the body and the mind, try to come on a mutual consensus about the things that are to follow during the nine months like massive weight gain, cravings at the most absurd hours, fatigue, nausea, and mood swings worse than PMS. To help in this battle, here are some tips for the amateur expectant-mother to successfully cross her first trimester mark:

6. Get enrolled in Yoga classes



Since it is a battle between the body and the mind, a lot of mental stress is going to accompany. Yoga would reduce the stress and see to it that you don’t pop a vein.

5. Keep vomit bags and mints handy




Nausea is going to hit at the first whiff of a pungent smell or even at the thought of it. Vomit bags make sure you don’t have to go cleaning the mess, and the mints will help prevent you from vomiting again.

4. Stock coconut oil



Stretch marks would be one of the first gifts from the baby. Coconut oil will help with them and keep the skin hydrated as well.

3. Keep taking lots of fluid



Yes, you are off alcohol for the next nine months. Have plenty of water even if it gets boring since it will help flush out the toxins and maintain the radiance of your skin. Coconut water is a blessing in disguise for these moments.

2. Don’t sweat about the sleepless nights



Sleep might be a little late to reach you, but don’t worry about it. With proper medical consultation, get on some physical regime so you sleep like a baby at night. Also, look for maternity pillows. They are huge and come in various cute shapes so you can squeeze the life out of them.

1. Buy new lingerie



For someone who loves lingerie shopping, this is a fun tip. Especially because the body is undergoing changes, and is getting broader. Stocking up comfortable inner-wear would make life easier.

The key is to remain calm and focus on the bigger picture. It’s said you never understand life, until it grows inside of you. Just trust yourself, and your doctor. You and your baby will come out of this like a boss. All the best!

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6 Tips To Help You Cross The First Trimester Mark
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