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6 Coolest Mobile Apps To Sex Up Your Love Life

- 26th December 2016

“Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.”

― Hunter S. Thompson

If you have apps for laundry to leadership, should you leave the basic instincts to only experience or advice? For those of who love to take matters into your own hands, these are the top 6 apps to save you from turning Sapiosexual.

1. Cosmopolitan’s Sex Position of the Day


Over Ten thousand downloads for a paid app is not a fluke. You got to read Cosmo if you’re a true Playboy fan. But if you just wanna stay on top of those naughty tips & challenges driving the world crazy, this app is all you need.

2. Be the GURU with iKamasutra


With 9 desired categories from cowgirl to exotic and 110 illustrated sex positions, a boring night is a history after downloading the iKamasutra. It also tracks your progress from Novice to being a Kamasutra Grand Master as you mark the poses tried.

3. Unlock your Desire

If you both are missing out on Erotic Experimentation, you’ll love this app as a couple. Challenge your partner with your own sexual dare or choose from categories like Love sensations, Dress code, Bath time, Under my thumb and much more. Just don’t pull out, if you lose once.

4. Vibease for Teledildonics


Fret not if you’re partner is out on duty tonight. A three-inch long Wearable device and Vibease is all you need as your largest sex organ – the brain, is stimulated with erotic audiobooks. Even your man could control the vibrations or chat with you from anywhere in the word.

5. Dirty Game of the Bedroom


Being the adult version of the age-old Truth & Dare game, this app would make you explore many unknown secrets and spots. With choices for flirting, foreplay, romance or sex, you’ll surely spice it up every time you play.

6. Tap to roll the Sex Dice


If you’re game for some carnal adventure, Sex Dice is the simplest app to ignite your secret desires. Just take turns to tap on your smartphone and enjoy the results of the number you roll. With a choice of canoodling acts to spice up your daily sex life, lovemaking would never be the same again.


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6 Coolest Mobile Apps To Sex Up Your Love Life
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6 Coolest Mobile Apps To Sex Up Your Love Life