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5 Signs That Show A Child Might Have Mental Health Issues

- 27th March 2017
Mental Health

Children are precious to every parent. To accept that your child is undergoing mental health issues can be painful for any parent to accept. However, let us face it, with growing complexities of modern life, there is a list of health issues that have cropped up and are particularly targeting young children. Forget to accept, parents are sometimes unable to even identify these signs of mental health issues in their children. Here are 5 signs that help identify early signs of mental issues in your children, for you to help them better:

1. Feeling Sad Constantly

 Depression and anxiety symptoms are not just restricted to adults these days. Teenage and childhood depression is also an increasing cause of concern. If you find your otherwise cheerful little kid feeling sad without any reason, it could be a warning sign of something going on in the little brain inside.

2. Difficulty In Concentrating

We all children are fidgety by nature and you may think not concentrating is normal for every child. However, when your child complains of being unable to focus on a game or a lesson, it could be a sign that requires more attention.

3. Intense Feelings

Children are often erratic with their feelings, but when your child shows extreme feelings like fear, sadness or anger; it could be a sign of some kind of mental health issue that the child could be facing.

4. Self Harm

If you see cut marks on your child’s hands or find him looking at harmful videos or images; it could be a sign of a serious mental health issue. This sign could be alarming for the parents to accept, but it is a sign that requires urgent help and attention from parents and from medical experts.

5. Sudden Changes In The Body

Suddenly putting on excessive weight or losing excess weight could both be signs of mental health issues in children. Obesity tops the list of current health issues in children, and depression is one of the leading causes of this obesity. Sudden loss of appetite could also be a sign that your child is suffering from a mental stress or health issue from inside.

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5 Signs That Show A Child Might Have Mental Health Issues
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5 Signs That Show A Child Might Have Mental Health Issues