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5 Shocking Myths About Energy Drinks

- 16th December 2016
Myths About Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are an inevitable product of contemporary culture. Several of them promise to diminish the spirits of fatigue or lethargy. So you think that energy drinks are inoffensive and keep you wide-awake for an all-nighter or an uninteresting occupation? Think again! There is a lot of misrepresentation touted about energy drinks by the dealers. The publicity and fictional info have made it impossible to discern what they actually are. Let’s expose some myths.

Myth: It helps you attain a lot of energy.


Fact: Energy drinks are laden with caffeine and sugar. This may help you attain short-term energy for a while. But then again, your energy level will smash. The process is just similar to what happens when you have a lot of sweeteners or carbs.

Myth: It lets you burn calories.


Fact: What they in fact do is offer you the vitality to burn your calories. A rapid spurt of energy before working out is not sulked upon, but when it arrives from an energy drink the caffeine provides you a nippy shot and has the perspective for a smash.

Myth: Offers a boost to your metabolism.


Fact: Well, it does and does not, in some way or the other! Even though it sort of offers your metabolism a swift and provisional lift, later your gut is still wedged with the sugars and caffeine. And, none of them are metabolism supporters.

Myth: It will mend an athlete’s pursuance.


Fact: Though the commercials feature sportspersons, there is no upright proof to upkeep the notion that they mend performance. A number of drinks contain ginseng and taurine that may perhaps do some good. However, these constituents are not present in sufficient quantity that can really make a difference.

Myth: You can retain the nutrients vanished during a workout.


Fact: False indeed! Although it can offer an energy-shot at the start of the workout, it can make you thirsty. You may like to pick water or fruit juices as a substitute – both hydrate you without elevating your energy levels. Do not expect it to deliver nutrients. There are better means to acquire them.

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5 Shocking Myths About Energy Drinks
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5 Shocking Myths About Energy Drinks