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5 Pregnancy Symptoms You Need To Watch Out For!

- 6th April 2017

This is not a note to scare you, but just to educate you so that you don’t miss the important clues that your body gives you with these symptoms of pregnancy in the first month. Pregnancy symptoms grow and change their nature week by week as the pregnancy begins to settle down. This makes it easy for one to miss out on important signs and symptoms. Here are your 5 important clues to know if you could be pregnant or not:

1. Sudden Cramps And Pains


As the fertilised egg attaches itself to your womb, there could be some abdominal and back pains that you could experience. It may almost feel like the pain you get during your periods, but is likely to settle down in a day or so and may not be continuous

2. Vaginal Discharge


One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is an increase in the white vaginal discharge. This discharge becomes more than normal, due to an increase in the pregnancy hormones in the body which results in a sudden increase in the white discharge.

3. Missing Periods

Pregnancy Symptoms

If you have been getting your monthly cycle regularly and suddenly missed it for a month, it could be time to take that home pregnancy test. Missed periods is actually nature’s way of preparing a mother for the pregnancy in the making.

4. Tenderness In The Breasts


Although you have nine more months to go for the baby to come, your body starts preparing as early as the time of conception, gearing up for the hard work in the coming. Your nipples may start turning darker, and your breasts may become really tender, as tender that even the feeling of your bra rubbing against your nipples may hurt.

5. Mood Swings


You suddenly become highly whiny or suddenly find yourself beaming with joy. Yes, it’s true, pregnancy often causes changes in your mood swings or temperament that are beyond your understanding. Mood swings are often caused in early pregnancy as there are various hormonal changes in your body that occur causing you to have mood swings.

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5 Pregnancy Symptoms You Need To Watch Out For!
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5 Pregnancy Symptoms You Need To Watch Out For!