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5 Superstitions That People Still Believe About HIV & AIDS

- 1st December 2016

The advancements in the types of treatment for HIV & AIDS have massively progressed, but our perception of this virus and the condition has still not changed. It’s the ignorant ones who have created the vibe of being judgemental of people who have to suffer this deadly journey. When a person gets extremely overwhelmed, this can create a whole lot of fear for those who have contracted this virus. There are many out there who have been influenced by society’s negative portrayal of HIV & AIDS.

1. You Will Get HIV If You Are Homosexual


Whoever said ‘HIV is a gay disease’ please stop believing that right now! Being gay or bisexual is not in direct relation of getting infected with HIV. There are many people of many other sexual preferences who are suffering from this virus because HIV doesn’t really care who choose to be intimate with. So that means, use protection at all times and get yourself tested on a regular basis.

2. Kiss And Get Infected


It is impossible for HIV to pass on through everyday contact. And there is no chance of catching it by using the same utensils for cooking if you live with someone who has HIV.

As a matter of fact there are very specific ways through which HIV can spread:

  • Having unprotected sex with someone
  • Sharing the same syringe with someone who is HIV positive

3. It Can Get Easily Contracted By Having Sex With Someone Who Is HIV Positive


The best method to prevent HIV is by using condoms properly.

With Anti-Retroviral treatment being available now that means most people living with HIV who are receiving treatment have an ‘undetectable viral load’. It not only shows that the person’s HIV is under control, it is close to impossible to spread the virus during sex, isn’t that just brilliant?

4. Once Infected There Is Nothing You Can Do


With today’s treatment for HIV, a lot of people are doing well and living healthy. If the virus is diagnosed and treatment is given at an early stage, the person can have the same life expectancy as one without HIV.

HIV is not the same as AIDS. Actually, it is a virus. AIDS is a condition caused by HIV. You can have HIV without developing AIDS and many people live for long with HIV without ever developing AIDS.

4. You Can’t Have Children


With the recent types of treatment, we can now prevent the transmission of the virus between mother and child. This is good news for couples where either one or both who are HIV positive can now give birth to healthy HIV-negative children.


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5 Superstitions That People Still Believe About HIV & AIDS
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5 Superstitions That People Still Believe About HIV & AIDS