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5 Healthy Weight Loss Diet – Eat And See The Difference!

- 30th March 2017
Weight Loss Food

Not all diet that you eat has the same effect on your body. All calories are also different and have a different metabolic reaction in the body as each food undergoes a breakdown process in the body. There is a diet that aid quick healthy weight loss and most of these are natural food too. Using these essential weight loss ingredients, you can cook up interesting healthy weight loss foods for a faster, healthier and tastier weight loss process.

Here are our 5 healthy weight loss diet from the dieter’s food list for your quick reference:


1. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Weight Loss Food

Leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and swiss chards all those super foods have numerous properties that make them the perfect diet food for the weight watchers. Loaded with fibres and essential nutrients they are low in empty calories and carbohydrates that slow down your weight loss process.


2. Boiled Potatoes:

Weight Loss Food

It is a misconception that potatoes are in general bad for your weight loss. The truth, however, is the cooking of potatoes that makes it healthy and unhealthy. Boiled potatoes are a nothing but a storehouse of energy that the body needs to burn more calories. It is also a highly fulfilling food that makes you feel full faster and stays satisfied longer.


3. Beans And Legumes:

Weight Loss Food

Rich in protein foods are the best diet to lose weight naturally. The high fibre content found in beans and protein also helps the body’s metabolic function improving digestion and keeping you full longer.


4. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Weight Loss Food

Known for its deep cleansing properties, research and studies have proved apple cider vinegar to be one of the best food for healthy weight loss. It eliminates the body of toxins providing a deep cleansing. Having apple cider vinegar just before meals can make one feel fuller faster. It also helps in preventing sudden sugar spikes in the blood which causes excess glucose in the blood stream thereby causing an increase in weight.


5. Whole Grains:

Weight Loss Food

Say no to gluten and shake hands with whole grains like millets, oats, and barley. Each of these grains has immense nutritional properties and are rich in fibre. Replacing your regular rice and wheat with these healthy weight loss superfood can help you attain your weight loss objective faster.


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5 Healthy Weight Loss Diet – Eat And See The Difference!
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5 Healthy Weight Loss Diet - Eat And See The Difference!