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5 Amazing Reasons You Should Sleep Naked

- 2nd December 2016
sleep Naked

How would you react if we told you that, sleeping naked could help you? Awkward? Strange? No. Sleeping naked could actually be beneficial to your health in ways more than you can imagine. Getting the right amount of sleep if necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We are all struggling with getting the perfect sleep each night. In such a scenario, sleeping naked can just ease things a bit for you. So the next time you are trying to choose between those flannel pajamas or that sleepshirt, throw it all! Going naked to bed can benefit you in many ways.

1. Lose Weight Without Sweat!


When you sleep without your clothes on, the cells in the body have to work a little harder to maintain that perfect body temperature. This boosts up your metabolism and this could possibly help you in weight loss ! What could be better than shedding that flab without having to sweat! Sleep comfortably to wake up slimmer!

2. Regulate The Cortisol In Your Body


Not many of us know about Cortisol. Cortisol is a peculiar chemical in the human body which could actually harm you in different ways. When you go to sleep without any clothes, your body temperature is maintained at optimal ranges. This makes it easier for the body to produce cortisol. However, if you sleep overheated, the cortisol levels shoot up and lead to anxiety, weight gain and cravings for unhealthy food. Sleeping naked can bring down your body temperature to maintain just the right amount of cortisol.

3. Get That Glow On Your Skin


Sleeping naked exposes your body to fresh air. This could mean that your skin gets to breathe free. Usually the private body parts, armpits and feet are covered all day long in multiple layers and do not get enough air. They are loaded with germs, bacteria and thus, lead to dead skin and body odour. Sleeping naked could keep your body clean and fresh. This also reduces the risk of skin diseases, like athlete’s foot which is caused by wet and restricted skin.

4. Look Younger, Feel Younger


Keeping the body and room temperature lower could help regulate the melatonin and growth hormone levels in your body. This can do wonders to your body as it helps in inhibiting the ageing process. This means that you could wake up to a younger and fresher you, every day! So all you need to do is, shed off those clothes before you sleep!

5. Happier Sex Organs!


In men, cooler sleeping conditions allow the testes to remain at a favorable temperature which helps in keeping the sperms healthy. Not only this, the reproductive systems function better than normal. On the other side, cooler sleeping environment in women helps in preventing yeast infections and thus, ensures a more hygienic reproductive system. What’s better? Sleeping naked could also improve your sex life. Sleeping naked increases the chance of skin-to-skin contact which leads to a more active sex life. This releases oxytocin that transmits good feelings for your sexual partner , and these happy sleep are great ways to avoid snoring.

We are sure you would not want to keep that dress on after knowing all these reasons. Feel free and feel better. Sleep well!


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5 Amazing Reasons You Should Sleep Naked
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5 Amazing Reasons You Should Sleep Naked