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4 Smart Weight Loss Secrets That You Should Start Following

- 10th February 2017
4 Smart Weight Loss Secrets

To lose weight fast, you need a combination of weight loss friendly foods and some daily exercise. Here are 4 secrets about how to lose weight fast naturally.

1. Eliminate Trigger foods 

Eliminate Trigger foods
Trigger foods are the sole patrons for the extra flab on your body. Like Cellphone addiction doesn’t let us spend our time in a meaningful manner; Trigger foods hijack our palate to gorge on unhealthy fats and added sugar. Remember those pizza nights that turned into bacon mornings and progressed into a day with ice cream tubs with cookies? To start losing weight you need to identify trigger foods to ban added sugar & sodium, unsaturated fats and extra carbohydrates from your diet.

2. Include Superfoods 

Include Superfoods
Any food item that is rich in fiber, protein, vitamins & minerals while being equally low in fats and sugar, is a Superfood. If you may have already guessed it to be those boring food items like barley, oats, and millets, you have just touched the tip of the iceberg. But just like anything good, they tend to be a tad bit expensive, but totally worth the investment if you’re really keen to lose weight fast without exercise.

3. Right hydration 

Right hydration
Water is not just for quenching your thirst. By drinking water at regular intervals you feel less hungry, your metabolic rate increases while preventing empty stomach acidity. Unless you ban all artificial juices and fizzy drinks, you will keep on adding tons of extra calories in the form of added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Try green or iced tea, tender coconut water, buttermilk or make these drinks for weight loss at home.

4. Active lifestyle 

Active lifestyle
Lola and Forrest Gump had to run for life. And so do you. Literally! If you wanna lose weight fast, running 15-30 minutes or walking 30-60 minutes every day is a habit you must develop. Ditch the elevator and climb those stairs. Park a mile away from where you need to be and walk up to your destination and back to the car. Hope you understand by now that, you don’t get the car for quick supermarket trips or catching up with neighbors or dropping your kids. And the active period if limited till 10 pm or anything with an 8 hours sleep, has been clinically linked to weight loss.

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4 Smart Weight Loss Secrets That You Should Start Following
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4 Smart Weight Loss Secrets That You Should Start Following