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4 Habits You Must Consider To Live A Healthy Life

- 15th November 2016
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Many of us are still longing to get the list of some of the hygiene habits that should be practiced in everyday life. It is essential to keep in mind that all these start right from the house where you dwell. The more conscious, neat and organized you are at home, the better will be your health and your surroundings. Hygiene not just depends on the good food and cleanliness but also plays a very important role on the surrounding you live in. Here are some of the hygiene habits that each of us should consider in everyday life to have a better and healthy life.

1. Invest a good amount on your tooth brush

tooth brush

It’s alright to spend a bit extra on your tooth brush by checking the sensitivity of your teeth. This way you will be using the right amount of pressure on your teeth while cleaning it and the enamel will be maintained. Never be too harsh or mild on your teeth and gums. Also, brush twice a day. Make it a habit to brush your teeth before sleeping just like you have your morning brushing routine. Don’t be too lazy to floss every day. Toothbrushes can reach all parts of your teeth and therefore flossing is essential irrespective how great you brush your teeth. Along with these brush your tongue and do a regular check on your tonsil stones. The better you maintain your teeth, the better will be your breathe.

2. Treat your hands and feet right

Hand Hygiene


Soak your hands and feet in lukewarm water once a week and soap them. This will not just clean the pores of your skin but will also clean all the dirt from your nails. Keep them cut and maintained to avoid dirt being consumed. Also, the easiest sign to know if your hair is dirty is by look at your nails. If your hair is not washed in regular intervals, you will have dirt in your nails after combing your hair. No matter how busy scheduled your life is, get some time to pamper yourself often and feel refreshed.

3. Shower tricks

Shower Habits


All of us know how to take a shower but not everyone takes the same amount of time and the reason for this is some get into the details of cleaning each part of your body. But the fact is there is no need to take shower daily. This will reduce the oils in your skin, thus either take shower on alternate days or avoid soaps every day. Instead of spending much on organic facing, just make use of some natural oils or honey to wash your face, this will peel away any tan and acne from your skin and will bring some natural gloss.

Wash your feet every time before entering the bed, your feet have most of the dirt in your body and stepping into the bed with the same will hit the neatness of the bed, this way you will be more prone to allergies and illness. And the best of all is, cool yourself before stepping out of the shower. Yes, it works. Some always need warm water for a shower, but make sure at least for 30 seconds you are under cold water before hopping out. This will reduce sweat and any odor from your body, the chances of getting tan reduces and above all keeps your skin fresh.

4. Maintain cool hands

Dry Hands


Make sure your hands are always warm and dry; it doesn’t look good to give a handshake to your boss with sweaty and wet hands. For this try washing your hands in cool water (not freezing water though). Change your bed sheet and pillow covers weekly once and change the curtain at least once in two weeks. Though it’s not seen, there will be enough germs, dirt and bacteria on it. Also, just like magic your acne will drop down if you change your pillow covers in a timely manner. Men should shave and cut their beard as often as it grows. Don’t be lazy, instead get a nice laser cutter and tweezers to keep them trim and shaped.

All these being said, it is essential to practice these hygiene advice instead of reading through them and moving on to the next article. Don’t wait till tomorrow, start now! Get your routine list prepared and create a checklist. Don’t use readily available checklist, make one of your own and stick to the timelines. Also, don’t take all advice blindly, think through and consider what works better for your body and skin type. As some of us have oily skin while some have perfect or dry skin. Alter this article as per your personal needs and get the best results.



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4 Habits You Must Consider To Live A Healthy Life
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4 Habits You Must Consider To Live A Healthy Life