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30 Super Easy Ways To Boost Your Blood Flow (And Prevent A Heart Attack)

- 25th June 2017
Blood Flow

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on June 14, worldwide, every year. This day is observed as a token of appreciation toward donors who’ve saved countless lives throughout the year.

A fun fact about blood donation is that for every pint of blood you donate, you can save up to seven precious lives. Hence, this day, World Blood Donor Day is important and sacred, and it applauds you for what you’ve done for humanity.

Blood flows throughout your entire body, carrying oxygen to all your organs. But very often, we take blood circulation for granted, and that’s probably because we don’t know much about it. Well, here’s all you need to know about poor blood circulation, its consequences, and ways to improve your blood flow.


1. Bad Blood Circulation Is A Real Problem

Blood Circulation

Essentially, poor blood circulation is a consequence of other health problems such as Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). This is a circulatory disease that narrows your veins and does not allow your blood to circulate normally. This causes problems such as varicose veins and reduced blood flow. Accompanied by symptoms such constant tingling sensations in your body, numbness, and permanent nerve and tissue damage, poor blood circulation also causes diabetes, acute thyroid, anaemia, and nerve disorders.

How Do You Improve Blood Circulation, Though?

Improving blood circulation is not a tedious process and does not involve any hardcore medical procedures. You can take simple steps and make ordinary yet healthy changes in your lifestyle to deal with the problem.

1. Eat High Fibre Seeds

Fibre Seeds
Pumpkin, flax, chia, soy, and pine seeds are high in fibre as well as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Add a handful of these seeds to your meals and they will nourish your blood and improve circulation.


2. Load Up On Fruits


Citrus fruits such as oranges contain vitamin C, which can get your blood flowing well. They are natural blood thinners and capillary wall reinforcers. Berries are high in fibre and are very good for your blood. Also, eat lots of watermelon because it is high in lycopene and super for blood circulation.

3. Dress For The Occasion


 compression socks

Specific pieces of clothing are designed to improve blood circulation. Wear compression socks around your ankles. They force your blood to flow the right way. However, avoid tight fitting clothes and skinny jeans, and stick to loose and flowy outfits.

4. Keep Yourself Warm

Woolen Cloths

Winters are probably the worst time for those with blood circulation problems. In the cold, your blood tends to thicken and clot, so keep yourself warm and cosy during the frosty months.


5. Exercise Properly


For your blood to flow like it’s supposed to, you need to make sure your heart is pumping without any difficulty. A good amount of exercise regularly can help assure that.

6. Smokers, Kick The Butt

Quit smoking

Smoking increases blood pressure on the walls of your arteries. Also, smoking makes your blood thick and reduces blood flow to your toes and fingers. Quit smoking for the sake your blood.


7. Treat Yourself To A Regular Massage

A nice massage every once in a while, does wonders to your blood circulation. Use essential oils blended with carrier oils like coconut oil, almond, or olive oil. But remember to keep those massages gentle and directed toward the heart.


8. Keep Your Legs Up

Legs Up
While you’re lying down, place your legs on an elevated platform to ensure that they kept a little higher than your heart. This can be as simple as putting a pillow under your feet and it is a great practice for boosting blood flow.


9. Keep Drinking Water

Drink Water
Your blood is mostly made up of water. If you have poor blood circulation, you probably don’t have enough water in your system in the first place. To get the blood flowing the right way, drink plenty of fluids and keep your organs well hydrated.


10. Munch On Nuts

Nuts such as walnuts and almonds are high in iron, vitamins of every class, and magnesium. Snack on them every day to feel more active with improved blood circulation.

11. Avoid Caffeine As Far As Possible

Avoid Caffeine
Caffeine can dehydrate your red blood cells. This can be bad for blood circulation. Avoid coffee and other sugar-laden beverages.


12. Go Herbal

Herbal Tea
Herbs are the best for your blood. They have natural properties that are very good for your blood’s health. Combine herbs such as gingko biloba, cayenne, parsley, and ginger to a portion that is perfect for improving blood circulation.


13. Widen Your Blood Vessels With Green Tea

Green Tea
Green tea is full of healthy antioxidants that are good for your blood in the long run. Two to three cups a day can seriously keep the doctor away.

14. Make Sure Your Chocolate Is Dark

dark chocolate
Cocoa, the main ingredient in dark chocolate, bolsters blood flow. The best kind is dark chocolate that contains 70% of cocoa.

15. Eat Much Less Salt

Less Salt
Salt is nothing but sodium. And that can cause you to bloat and have very high blood pressure. Keep it on the down low for better blood flow.

16. Take Hot Showers

Hot Showers
A good shower is one of the best to keep you both physically and mentally robust. Warm or hot baths, in particular, relax your muscles and greatly ease blood circulation.

17. Stay Stress-Free

Stress is the root of all malfunction. Stay calm, laugh more and you’ll find that you always have a healthy flush to your skin.

18. Keep An Eye On Your Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol Consumption
It’s best not to drink too much because excess alcohol consumption hardens the walls of your arteries and reduces blood flow.


19. Jump On A Trampoline

Categorically known as rebounding therapy, jumping on a trampoline or a slackline helps your heart pump blood more effectively.


20. Scrub Your Skin With A Dry Brush

Dry Brush
Do this to remove all the dead skin cells and stimulate the blood near the surface of your skin. As a result, you will have improved blood circulation all over your body.


21. Maintain A Healthy Lymphatic System

massage therapy
Clogged lymph nodes can hinder blood flow to a great degree. Unclog them with massage therapy and you’ll be delighted with the results.


22. Say No To Bad Oils

Fat Oils
Your veins can do without saturated fat lining them. Fats do not dissolve in your blood. They simply thicken it and stop it from flowing smoothly.


23. Start Acupuncture

Treat your knees to regular acupuncture for steady blood flow through your legs, which incidentally, are also at highest risk for varicose veins.


24. Jump On The Yoga Train

Yoga is the best form of exercise for blood circulation. It uses every muscle in your body to make you flexible and healthy.


25. Add Cayenne And Turmeric To Your Food

Cayenne And Turmeric
Turmeric and cayenne have medical properties that are very good for your blood. Drink a glass of turmeric milk every night before bed and you’re guaranteed to feel the glow of great blood flow.


26. Throw Some Garlic And Onions Into The Mix

Garlic And Onions
Garlic and onions protect your artery walls from plaque, which is the leading cause of heart attacks worldwide.


27. Stretch Your Muscles And Bones

Stretch Your Muscles
If yoga isn’t your thing, at least spend some time every day stretching out your limbs and arms. A good muscle stretch helps your blood flow in the right direction.


28. Wear Comfortable Footwear

Comfortable Shoes
If you walk a lot, then walk comfortably. Your feet tend to expand during the day, so make sure you wear the shoes that are absolutely non-constricting.


29. Watch Your Posture

A crooked or bent spine can throw a spanner into your circulatory works. Make sure you don’t slouch, that your back is straight and that you don’t sit still for prolonged periods.


30. Season Your Diet With Salads

Dark leafy greens, sweet bell peppers, celery and cucumber, beetroot, and olive oil make for both, a delicious salad and a good remedy for reduced blood flow.

While these tips and tricks improve blood flow, they’re also fantastic for your general health.

On a related note, someone needs a critical transfusion, every three seconds. Donate your blood. We know you’ve got it in you.


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30 Super Easy Ways To Boost Your Blood Flow (And Prevent A Heart Attack)
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30 Super Easy Ways To Boost Your Blood Flow (And Prevent A Heart Attack)