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3 Ways To Use Sweet Potato As A Baby Food

- 21st November 2016

Your baby can now eat solid food, and you are excited to introduce her to a range of flavours. Wondering whether you should go for infant formulas available in the market or make your own baby food? Contrary to common belief, it is pretty easy to prepare food for your baby. All you need is right ingredients. Sweet potato, for instance, is a great addition to your baby’s diet. It is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B6, and Vitamin C, and is tasty as well. The best part is that sweet potatoes can be easily peeled, mashed, and strained to prepare a healthy meal for your baby. Here are three ways in which you can use this vegetable as a baby food.

1. Sweet Potato Puree


Wash and peel one sweet potato and cut it into pieces. Take a small saucepan, add ¾ cup of water and the sweet potato cubes. Bring to a boil, cover and reduce the heat and allow it to simmer till tender. Once the sweet potato is cooked, allow it to cool. Put the potato pieces and the water you boiled into a food processor and blend. Now pour the puree into a bowl and your homemade baby food is ready! In case you want to experiment, you can add a carrot and a few sprigs of thyme to give it a savoury taste.

2. Sweet Potato Soup


To make this sweet potato soup, cook 1 and 1/2 cups of sweet potato and keep it aside. Now heat butter in a pan and add 1 tablespoon of flour and caramelise it. Add 1 cup of chicken or vegetable broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and add the cooked sweet potato, 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon & nutmeg powder and ¼ teaspoon ginger paste and let it cook. Allow it to cool, blend it in a blender, and heat again. Add milk and salt to taste. This soup is ideal for babies 8 months of age and above.

3. Sweet Potato Rice


This one is really simple to make. Soak 1 cup of rice for 1/2 hour, wash and cook with a sweet potato that has been peeled and cut into pieces. Once the rice and sweet potato are cooked, put the mixture in a pot and mash it. As the potato already has a sweet taste you don’t have to add sugar to it. To give a burst of taste you can add ghee and cardamom powder. Cool it and serve the baby.

Easy to make, convenient, and definitely less expensive than the baby food and is also a great supplement for your baby health and that to it is easily available at stores, these three sweet potato recipes are excellent for your baby. Try them!


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3 Ways To Use Sweet Potato As A Baby Food
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3 Ways To Use Sweet Potato As A Baby Food